How to Easily Install HBO Max on Your Toshiba TV

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HBO is by far one of the best studios ever, with back-to-back hits across the board. Everyone loves ‘Billions’, ‘Succession’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. To make personal and family time even more enjoyable, users can now access all releases from HBO’s streaming app, HBO Max. This streaming app is available on all devices including your TV.

If you are a lover of good productions, you’d agree that this app is a must for your Toshiba TV. But then, how exactly do you install HBO Max on your Toshiba TV? Read on to find out.

What is the Easiest Way to Install HBO Max on Your Toshiba TV?

Toshiba provides a premium TV usage experience on its smart TVs, and there are several ways to get the HBO Max on it.

You can install the HBO Max app on your Toshiba Smart TV by downloading it from the app stores. Like all things ‘smart’, TVs are powered by operating systems (OS). However, this Operating System may affect the process of installing the HBO Max app.

On the other hand, older Toshiba models still in circulation don’t have smart TV capabilities, which means installing HBO Max TV may be impossible. But this is not the end, there are still ways to get access to HBO Max on your non-smart Toshiba TV.

How to Easily Install HBO Max on Your Toshiba Smart TV

If your Toshiba TV is smart and runs on any of Fire or Android TV operating systems, observe the following steps to install the HBO app on your TV:

  • Launch the tv and get it connected
  • Go to the apps section of your tv
  • Go to the HBO Max apps section and download it
  • Launch the app
  • Get access to the app content

Launch the TV and Get it Connected

The first thing to do is to launch the Toshiba Smart TV. As with other smart devices, the Smart TV needs the internet to carry out even the most basic functions. So get your TV connected to a WiFi network or your mobile hotspot.

Go to the Apps Section of Your TV

To locate the apps section on either the Fire TV or Android TV, follow these steps:

For the Toshiba Fire TV, the section being referred to is the Amazon App Store. To locate the HBO Max on the Amazon App Store:

  • Go directly to the TV’s homepage, where you see an array of icons representing different functions.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button, after which an onscreen keyboard shows up.
  • Use the directions on the remote to click the letters and then type out ‘HBO Max’ into the search bar.

For the Toshiba Android TV, you need to get into the application store.

  • On the homepage, you will find an ‘Apps’ tab to the left of the page.
  • Clicking on it will bring up a list of the most popular apps on Android TV. The Google Play Store is always on the list. Locate it and click on it.
  • Inside the Google Play Store, go to the Search tab and type in ‘HBO Max’ in the same fashion as the Fire TV. Among the list of apps that show up, click HBO Max.

Go to the HBO Max App and Download

The next step is to locate the app’s information sections in each case and click the download button.

For the Fire TV:

  • After searching for the HBO Max app, a list of apps will pop up, but the HBO Max will likely be the first on the list.
  • Enter into the HBO Max section by clicking on it. Inside the app information page, you will find a downward-facing arrow in yellowish-orange color next to ‘Get.’
  • Clicking on ‘Get’ automatically kickstarts the download process.

In the case of the Toshiba Android TV:

  • Going into the app information page should reveal a large button bearing, ‘Install.’
  • Click on it to download your app.

Launch the App

The next step is to open up the app for use. For the Toshiba Fire TV, successful app download should cause the ‘Get’ button to switch to ‘Open.’ Click on this and start using. This process is exactly the same as the Android TV.

Gain Access to App Content

In both cases, you need to enter the necessary login information to gain access to the offerings of the HBO Max service. If you have used the HBO Max before, simply enter the account details. If that’s not the case, open a new account and start enjoying top-rated content.

How to Easily Install HBO Max on Older Model Toshiba TV

If your Toshiba TV has lasted a few years and wasn’t designed to be a smart device, you can still get full access to the HBO Max service.

All you need is to purchase a streaming device and connect it to your TV. You can select from either Fire TV or Android TV as the OS for your set You can pick any of the models produced by Roku, Google, Amazon, Apple and Nvidia.

After purchasing a streaming device, the processes to follow include:

  • Set up and connect the tv to the streaming device
  • Launch the tv
  • Locate the HBO Max and download

Set up and Connect the TV to the Streaming Device

In the package bearing the smart device, you’d typically find cables and a remote alongside the actual device. Take one end of the HDMI cable, connect it to the streaming device, and extend the other end to connect to the TV. You should check the rear side of the TV for the actual HDMI port.

Meanwhile, always ensure the device is plugged into a power source.

Launch the TV

Put on the TV and go through the launch process. This will often involve putting in information regarding location, language, data privacy consent. It may also require you to sign up for an account with the operating system provider.

Remember that each of the manufacturers of these streaming devices has its own dedicated operating system. While on this, you need to connect the streaming device to an internet source.

Locate the HBO Max and Download

At this stage, the steps are entirely similar to the process outlined when discussing the smart TV. In essence, go to the homepage, locate the app store, search the app and download.


Everyone who has the faintest idea about films and producers will agree that HBO is unique and offers one of the best entertainment experiences. Imagine you have a library of HBO’s creativity in your hands through the HBO Max app. You’d agree that the HBO Max is one to add to your app list. We have outlined how to do so, regardless of your TV type or model.

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