How Long Will Toshiba TVs Last Until It’s Time to Replace Them?

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If you just purchased a Toshiba TV or you’re planning to buy one very soon, you may be curious to know how long the TV will last until it is time to replace it. Not all TVs are created equal, so knowing the lifespan of the type you’re looking to buy can really help you decide which one is best for you.

On average, Toshiba TVs will last up to 7 years if properly used and maintained. As the TVs approach the end of their lifespans, they often show some signs that they may be on their way out

You are probably eager to know the signs Toshiba TV will show when it’s time to replace it. In this article, you’ll learn how long your Toshiba TV can last, how to care for it properly, and what to look out for as your TV approaches the end of its lifespan.

How Many Years will Toshiba TV Last Until You Replace It?

While seven years is the average time Toshiba TVs often last, a couple of the TVs can last longer or less than that, depending on how they are used daily. The table below shows how long Toshiba TV will last under varying usage.

7 years9 years14 years
15 hours daily usage12 hours daily usage8 hours daily usage

Apart from the time you use it daily, other factors can also determine how long your Toshiba TV will last. They are:

Factors That Determine Your TV’s Lifespan

When calculating the lifespan of your Toshiba TV, there are several things that play a role. These could include:

  • Storage temperature
  • Cleaning routine
  • Screen brightness

Your Storage Temperature

The temperature of the environment you install your TV can also reduce its lifespan significantly. If the temperature is too high (above 140 degrees Fahrenheit), the TV’s pixels won’t change color properly. The pixels may even become permanently damaged if the condition persists for too long. Extreme cold can also damage TV as humidity that often accompanies cold can short TV circuits.

How to Safely Clean the TV

If you clean the TV with a harsh chemical such as ammonia or alcohol, your TV may not last as long as it could damage the screen. It’s best to clean your TV with a dry cloth. However, if you need to use a cleaning solution to remove stains, dampen a cloth with a small amount of distilled water and wipe the stain. Spraying the TV directly could cause electrical shortages or dark water stains on the screen.

Screen Brightness Setting

The screen brightness setting you use is another major factor determining how long your TV will last. In the table above, the estimated lifespans are based on the fact that Toshiba TVs will last 40,000 hours when the screen brightness is very high. 

Toshiba TV can last up to 100,000 hours when screen brightness is low. Hence, you should expect your TV to last even longer than the estimates in the table if you use low brightness settings often.

How to Know When Toshiba TV Needs Replacing

As we said earlier, Toshiba TVs will show some signs as they approach the end of their lifespan. Some of the signs include:

  • Dead Pixels: When your TV’s pixels die, you will notice that some parts of the TV screen will not display images appropriately. The affected parts may start showing false colors, look very dim, or even become entirely black. 
  • Image retention: You should replace or repair your TV if it retains images on the screen even after the signal entering it has changed. Toshiba TVs have a fast response time even when watching media with rapidly changing scenes. So you should know that your TV isn’t a good condition when it starts retaining old images rather than displaying recent ones. 
  • Multiple lines run across the screen: Your TV is not in good condition if it always shows numerous lines across the screen. This issue often arises when the TV’s LCD panel becomes faulty.

You should note that these signs occur not only when your TV reaches old age but also if the TVs are not properly managed. Hence, you should maintain your television if you don’t want to replace it too early.

How to Fix a Toshiba TV

You shouldn’t be too quick to replace your Toshiba TV when something goes wrong. Most of the potential issues that will arise while you use your TV have easy solutions. Here are some potential issues and their respective solutions:

  • Power issue: Whenever your TV doesn’t turn on, you should inspect the power cable for any damage. If the cable isn’t damaged, plug your TV into an outlet you have already tested to work, then turn on the TV. If it still doesn’t turn on, you should reset your Toshiba TV. To do this, unplug your TV for at least one minute, plug it back after a minute, then press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.
  • Sound or picture issue: Tighten the audio and video connectors if your TV turns on but fails to produce sound or picture. If the problem persists, use the input select button on the remote to change the input signal you want the TV to display.

How Old Is Your Toshiba TV?

Sometimes you may want to know the age of your Toshiba TV as it helps you estimate how long your TV can function efficiently. Fortunately, the age of your TV is easy to determine. To do this, check the label at the back of your Toshiba TV to know the manufacture date.

Final Thoughts

While Toshiba TVs are very affordable compared to its competitors, they are very durable. Toshiba TVs can last up to 7 years or even more if you maintain and restrict their daily usage to 8 hours. 

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