Does Toshiba TV Have Google Play Store?

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The Toshiba brand is taking the world of TV by storm, and some of their TVs even support android applications. Imagine the things you could do having access to your favorite applications. Yes, we know the question now on your mind is, do they have Google Play Store so you can download android apps?

Not at Toshiba TV models have the Google Play Store. For Toshiba smart TVs that do not run on the Android operating system, you will find a generic app store. If your Toshiba TV does run on Android OS, your TV will have access to the Google Play Store

Read on to learn more about which Toshiba TVs have access to the Google Play Store. In addition, you’ll learn ways to get around not having said store on your device, whether by using the default app browser or going through a third-party app.

Which Toshiba TVs have Google Play Store?

Though not every model has the capability to run the Google Play Store, there are some that do.

Google Play Store is the principal go-to for most android devices. The platform has content for android devices alone. Consequently, only Toshiba TVs that can run android applications would also have the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, some Toshiba Smart TVs use Android operating systems like the Android Pie. These models are under the Toshiba Android TV™. TVs of this model have all the characteristics of an Android device. As a result, you can pair and control them with your Android Smartphone. And they also support Android applications like games, browsers, and many more.

How to Know the Type of Your Toshiba TV?

Perhaps you already have a Toshiba TV but do not know if it is android or smart. Don’t you worry! Follow these steps to find out.

  • Check your TV’s user manual: The user manual that comes with your TV would contain the model of your TV. You would also find all the functions obtainable on your television.
  • Google your TV model: Check the back of your Toshiba TV, and find the inscription of your model on its label. Then search for it on Google to get the answers you want.
  • Visit Toshiba’s website: Perhaps the best thing is to ask the manufacturer by checking the website. You will find the website in the manual. You can visit it to get a full breakdown of the operations of your Toshiba TV model.

What Apps Are Available On Toshiba TV? 

Applications available on Toshiba TVs would vary based on their type. For example, Google Play Store is distinctly for the Toshiba Android TV™ series. Meanwhile, all Toshiba Smart TVs would generally have built-in applications such as:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • Freeview Play
  • Rakuten TV and more

As for Toshiba Android TVs, they have some unique applications like Google Play Movies and TVs. You may find it in its new name, Google TV. You can download other applications as you please from app stores.

How to Add an App Without the Google Play Store

Toshiba TV comes with default applications. However, the pre-loaded apps barely scratch the surface of what is available on Toshiba TVs through platforms such as the Google Play Store. There are several ways to add more apps to your Toshiba TV.

Use Toshiba TV’s Default App Store

Generally, you’ll find that you have a generic app store for most Toshiba Smart TVs, and the Google Play Store for the Android models. Open the applicable stores and download whatever software they have in stock.

Use Third-party Websites

Since Google Play Store may not have all you want, third-party websites are another alternative you can explore. You can follow the steps below to add an app on Toshiba TVs using third-party websites.

  • Give authorization for such installation: You must first authorize your Toshiba TV to install applications from unknown sources. You can do this by accessing the restriction option under security settings. Then, turn on permission to install anonymous applications from third-party sources.
  • Download supporting apps from Google Play Store: You’ll need to download these two essential applications from Google Play Store. First is the Side Launcher Android TV app, and next is the File Manager App.
  • Get the APK files of the apps you want: On your computer, navigate safe websites and download the APK file format of the applications you want. Copy them to your USB storage device and connect to your Toshiba TV.
  • Open APK files, install and launch: Using the File Manager earlier installed, install the APK files. The next thing is to open the installed apps using the Side Launcher Android TV app.

Kindly note that the security protocol of the TV won’t allow you to install applications that are not from Google Play Store unless you authorize it to do so. This option is only available for the Toshiba Android TV series.


If you are particular about getting a Toshiba TV with Google Play Store, keep in mind that only the Android models have the application. So, do not attempt modifying any non-Android Toshiba TV model to run Google Play Store. If you do so, you would compromise its integrity or even damage it. After all, nothing more could describe putting square pegs in a round hole.

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