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Which Toshiba TV Do I Have? (Easily Find Your Model And Serial Number)

Last Updated Mar 3, 2022

When you buy a new device, it’s usually a good idea to register the device with the manufacturer for specialized offers and support features. Toshiba offers many support features when you register your device, and knowing which model you have is handy when you’re looking to upgrade tech. But what do you do when you’re asking yourself, which Toshiba TV do I have?

The model number and the serial number for your Toshiba TV can be found on the back panel of your TV. If this panel becomes illegible, or you are trying to find the serial number for a Toshiba TV before buying one, there are other methods for getting this information.

If you’ve checked out the back of your TV and can’t find the serial number, don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Time to check out these alternative methods for getting the serial number for your Toshiba TV! 

Where To Find The Serial Number On Your TV 

There are three places where you can find the serial number for your TV. You can find the serial number on the label, the User’s Manual, and Quick Start Guide and on your remote control. 

Locating The Label On Your TV 

The easiest way to find the serial number for your Toshiba TV is on the label. This label is found on the back of your TV

If you cannot find a sticker of this type on the back of your TV, check for a smaller sticker on the sides of the TV.

Find The Serial Number In The Manual Or Quick-Start Guide

If you do not have the manual for your Toshiba TV, you can also access the model and serial numbers on the Quick Start Guide. These numbers are found on the Product Specifications page of the Quick Start Guide. You can also find the serial number and model number of your TV on the front cover of the User Manual that came with your TV. 

Find The Serial Number With Your TV Remote

The serial number and model number for many Toshibas TVs are on the remote control. This information can be found on the sticker attached to the back cover of your remote. You won’t be able to find this if you have replaced the remote.

On the sticker, you’ll see a large barcode. At the top of the barcode, you’ll see the model number, labeled. The serial number will be printed in the center. Unlike the label, the sticker on the remote will not be marked and will look like a UPC code.

For Toshiba’s Fire TV models, this sticker will not be present on the outside of your remote. The sticker will be found on the inside of the battery casing. You can also access your serial number in the Menu on your TV. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Scroll to the Gear Icon on the Main Menu Screen
  • Select My Fire TV
  • Select About
  • The serial number will display at the bottom of the product specs page displayed. 

On some models, you can also simply give Alexa The Voice Command, “What’s the serial number for this device?” 

What To Do If There Are Signs Of Tampering 

Unfortunately, you can have problems with finding the serial number or even the sticker on your TV. This would be a sign of tampering. There are a couple of things to do if you notice that there has been some tampering with your Toshiba TV.

Missing Or Damaged Stickers

If you buy a Toshiba TV and it does not have a sticker with the model number and serial number sticker, there is a chance that you may have bought a refurbished device that was not registered with Toshiba. An unauthorized seller may have done this, or the sticker may have been removed.

Serial Number Is Not For The TV You Have

If the serial number on the back of your TV does not match the serial number on your manual, guide, or remote, it may have been stolen or tampered with. 

It’s also important to know your Toshiba TV’s serial number in case it is stolen.

This should also be reported to Toshiba and returned to the place you bought the TV from.


The serial number is the best way to find exactly which Toshiba TV you have. This number is also useful for registering your device and lets Toshiba Support supply the best service for your specific TV.

In this article, we supplied a comprehensive guide for finding the serial number for your Toshiba TV. We have also included some important information for what to do if you notice a missing label or signs of tampering. Now, you’re prepared to buy with confidence!

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