Toshiba TV Black Screen No Picture – 6 Easy Fixes to Try!

tv with black screentv with black screen

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Few things are more frustrating than sitting down in front of your Toshiba TV, turning it on, and seeing nothing but a black screen. Not only is this a common problem, but it has even earned an intimidating nickname – the black screen of death.

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to resolve a black screen issue yourself. Here are six easy fixes to get you back to watching TV.

Fixing a Black Screen on Toshiba TV

There are two main categories of black screen issues on Toshiba TV:

  1. Black screen with the audio still working.
  2. Black screen with no audio.

Depending on what is causing the black screen, your troubleshooting approach will differ. 

If your Toshiba TV screen is black but the audio still works, you are probably dealing with a less serious issue.  

Toshiba TV Black Screen – Audio Still Works

If the screen is black, but you can hear still audio from your Toshiba TV, that is a positive sign. 

Usually, this means there is an issue relating to a setting or an accessory connected to your TV. 

Here are six things to try if your TV screen is black but the audio still works.

1. Check Your Toshiba TV’s Power Connections

A faulty power connection is a common cause of a black screen on a Toshiba TV. Here are a few things to check relating to your TV’s power supply:

  • Verify that the power button on your remote is working. If your remote is dead, make sure to replace the batteries.
  • If you can’t get your remote to work, consider getting a universal replacement remote control.
  • The wall outlet that your TV is plugged into is faulty. Try using a different outlet to see if that resolves your black screen issue.
  • If the wall outlet has no power, check your breaker and reset it if it has tripped.
  • If you press the power button on the TV, is it sending the signal to turn on? If not, the next section may solve your problem.

2. Check Your Toshiba TV’s Cable Connections

Check the cables that connect to your TV. A faulty HDMI cable or power cord can cause interference, resulting in a black screen. Here are a few things to check:

  • Damaged cables can affect video quality. Look for things like exposed wires, chewed-up insulation, and broken connectors.
  • If you observe any damage, you may need to replace your HDMI cables or power cord. 
  • Make sure that all cables and cords are properly connected.

3. Check Your Toshiba TV Settings

Your Toshiba TV could be working normally, and settings cause a black screen. 

  • Check you are connected to the correct input source. For instance, your Chromecast is connected to HDMI 1, but your TV input source is set to HDMI 2.
  • Switching between different inputs can also help you know if the black screen issue is limited to a specific video source.
  • A sleep timer could be responsible for a black screen.

Checking these depends on your Toshiba TV at least displaying an error message.

Your Toshiba TV’s power saver mode could be causing a black screen. To turn this feature off:

  1. Go to “Settings” 
  2. Tap “Picture
  3. Select “Power Saving” (or “Energy Saving”) and switch it Off.

If you have a Toshiba Fire TV, note that it has an automatic Sleep feature that turns off the display after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

This may explain why your TV’s screen goes black unexpectedly. Press any button on your remote to wake the TV.

4. Toshiba TV Hardware Issues

Hardware issues can also cause a black screen on your Toshiba TV. These include:

  • Dust collecting inside the ports on your TV. 
  • A faulty power button on your TV. 
  • A malfunctioning motherboard

A qualified TV repair person can fix all these issues. If your warranty is still in effect, you can contact Toshiba support to submit a claim.

5. Check The Toshiba TV Panel

The TV Panel is the TV screen. If the screen is black, you may have some issues with the TV panel. To see if the issue of your screen being black is caused by TV Panel issues, check for these things:

  • Are the corners intact?
  • Are they swollen?
  • Are there any cracks?

LCD and LED screens can be sensitive to scratches and cracks. A simple crack or scratch can disable the visuals or input on the screen. You must solve these problems with a TV repair person or through Toshiba support.

6. Your Toshiba TV is Overheating

A Toshiba TV overheats when connected devices, such as a Chromecast, run extremely hot and cause the TV’s heat sink to overheat. The heat sink then deactivates the TV’s backlight as a precaution.

You may see a “no video” message displayed across your screen. When you try to switch TV inputs, the screen will appear black. When a heat sink malfunctions like this, it will probably need to be replaced. 

Fortunately, there is a temporary fix that will allow you to use your Toshiba TV in the meantime. This will only work if your Toshiba TV does display images.

  1. Power off your external devices like Chromecast, Roku, or the Firestick.
  2. Select the video input you want to watch—for example, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, TV, etc.
  3. Go to the Settings page and select “Picture
  4. Highlight the “Backlight” option and adjust the value to zero.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for each video input.
  6. Turn on the external device. Your TV’s video display should be restored, albeit less bright than before, due to the backlight being reduced.

If you have a Toshiba Google TV, turning off the backlight (known as “DynaLight”) will differ slightly:

  1. From the Menu, go to “Picture Settings” 
  2. Tap” Advanced Picture Settings” > “DynaLight
  3. Press “OK” and select “OFF
  4. Select “Exit” to save this setting.

Toshiba TV Black Screen – No Audio

A black screen with no sound can be a symptom of a faulty system. Go through the following steps to determine the cause: 

  1. Test out the power
  2. Test the cables
  3. Test the panel
  4. See if your TV is overheating
  5. Disconnect all external devices from the TV
  6. Hold the power button on your Toshiba TV. As you press the power button, check to see if the power button is lighting up.
  7. Check the surge protector or outlet is working

If all the above checks out and none are found to be the underlying cause of a black screen, then your TV may need to be replaced. 

Toshiba TV Black Screen – Other Factors to Consider

Toshiba TV Operating Life

If the screen on your Toshiba TV goes black and the easy fixes don’t apply, consider the age and service life of your TV. 

Depending on how you program certain settings like brightness, a Toshiba TV should last between 40,000 and 100,000 viewing hours.

This works out to an operating life of 7 to 14 years. If you’ve had your TV for a while, a black screen could simply mean that it’s time to get a new TV.

Location and Environment

You should also consider the location and environment where your Toshiba TV is. 

If your TV is in an area with poor ventilation or dust, the black screen could be caused by overheating.

Move your TV to a location with good air circulation to keep internal components cool. 

Clean the area regularly to prevent dust buildup. Here are a few ways to keep your Toshiba TV dust-free:

FAQ: Toshiba TV With Black Screen 

Can you reset a Toshiba TV with a black screen and no picture?

You can try a soft reset on a Toshiba TV to resolve a black screen issue. Power cycle your Toshiba TV off and on to perform a soft reset.

  1. Turn your TV off and unplug the TV’s power cord for at least 60 seconds.
  2. Plug it back into the power source.
  3. Turn it on to see if the black screen problem is resolved. 

If the issue persists, you may need to seek technical assistance. Tech Supportal is a great resource for servicing home technology. You can also try Toshiba’s support site.

Is it worth repairing a Toshiba TV?

Whether a Toshiba TV is worth repairing boils down to one thing: cost. 

If you need to replace costly components such as the entire display, motherboard, backlight, or inverter, you will be paying for the replacement part along with the repair technician’s time. 

At that point, it might be wiser to purchase a new TV.

Complicating things from a repair standpoint is Toshiba hasn’t manufactured TVs in North America since 2015. If the component is inexpensive and easy to replace, and your TV is new, then it is worth repairing. 

What OS do Toshiba TVs use?

Toshiba smart TVs currently operate on the following OS platforms:

  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • VIDAA 
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