Will Xfinity Refund for Outage?

Xfinity truck parked outside.Xfinity truck parked outside.

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We live most of our lives on the internet. We socialize, work, and play online, so it can be difficult when our internet connections go down. Xfinity provides a range of telecommunication services, including internet, phone, television, and other home services. But, when the company experiences a service outage, you might feel as though the world has come to a halt. Will Xfinity refund you for lost service during an outage? 

Most of the time, Xfinity will be willing to refund you a portion of your monthly bill in return for an outage due to a problem on their end. However, they will not offer refunds for anything beyond their control, such as outages caused by inclement weather. 

What will you need to do to get a refund? How will it be paid out? Keep reading to learn how refunds for outages work when you use Xfinity. 

Will Xfinity Refund Me for a Service Outage? 

Unfortunately, occasional internet outages are an unavoidable part of life. We all depend on our internet-connected devices and router to perform necessary tasks, so we can definitely lose money when the internet goes down. Xfinity compensates for that by allowing you to request a refund for times when service is down due to an error on their end. 

The problem is, many people don’t even realize that this is an option. They don’t request a refund on their own, and Xfinity won’t apply one to bills automatically. The customer must contact a customer service representative and make the request themselves.  

What to Consider Before Requesting a Refund

Before you request a refund for an Xfinity service outage, you need to have all the correct information on hand and be ready to give it to the representative you speak to. Make sure you have all the following details before contacting the company: 

  • How long the outage lasted
  • The weather in the area during that time
  • The exact time and date you experienced an outage

Below, we’ll highlight why having this information is important and what it could mean for your refund status. 

How Long the Outage Lasted 

Giving the company as much information as possible regarding the time you were without internet will allow them to validate your issue and ensure you get a refund that covers all your lost time. They are pretty fair about it, so if you keep detailed records, you should have no problem getting refunded for the time you didn’t have service. 

The Weather During the Outage 

As mentioned above, Xfinity will not issue customers a refund for outages outside their control. If the outage was due to a thunderstorm, hurricane, or any other weather-related issue they could not control, you cannot get a refund. 

That is why it is a good idea to track the weather in the area during the outage. If it was bright and sunny outside and you still had no service, there is no way for them to try to tell you the outage was due to a storm in your area. 

The Exact Time and Date of the Outage 

The customer service representative will need to know exactly when you experienced the outage to ensure you are eligible for a refund. Remember that Xfinity covers hundreds of thousands of customers across the country, and they won’t be able to refund all their customers on their word alone that they were experiencing problems. If you had multiple outages during the month, ensure you make note of them to get a refund for the entire time your internet service was not working. 

How Does Xfinity Pay Out Refunds? 

If Xfinity does issue you a refund for a service outage, you will need to choose how you want to be paid. There are several ways to get your refund from Xfinity, including: 

  • An Xfinity credit 
  • A refund check 
  • An outside company

Read below to learn what each of these methods entail.

A Credit Toward Your Bill

The easiest way to get your refund is by allowing the company to credit your refund towards the following month’s bill. You won’t receive any cashback from the company, but you will pay less the following month. 

This seems to be the way the company prefers to give refunds. However, they are willing to work with you if you would like physical money back instead. 

A Refund Check 

Xfinity can also issue you a refund check if you don’t want a credit applied toward your next bill. They will process the refund and send you a check through the mail, but keep in mind that this process can take up to six weeks.

An Outside Company 

Several companies can now monitor your area for internet outages, then reach out to Xfinity for you. This is a great alternative if you do not have the correct information to request a refund yourself. The company will pay you directly, but they often take a small fee as their service charge.

In Conclusion

If you experience a service outage due to a problem or error on Xfinity’s end, you can get a refund for the lost time. However, you will need to reach out to a customer service representative with all the necessary information to request it. Always keep records of the outages you experience to ensure you get a full refund.

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