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How Far Can a Ring Doorbell See or Hear? Sense Motion?

Oct 14, 2019
Bottom of ring doorbell with blue light

One of the biggest trends in home security and smart technology is the Ring Doorbell. But what if it doesn’t record far away enough to see what you want on the Ring?

How far can a Ring doorbell see or hear? Through the Ring app, you can customize the areas and distance that your Ring Doorbell detects and alerts for based on distance and location across the 180-degree field of view. At the highest range and in perfect conditions a Ring Doorbell may be able to pick up movement and sounds as far as 200+ feet.

Since most people live closer to a busy street than 200ft, you will probably want to set your Ring Doorbell to a lower level of sensitivity. Keep reading for a brief explanation of how to find your perfect settings to avoid unnecessary alerts.

Finding Your Perfect Range

When you first install your Ring Doorbell, no matter which model you choose, all the possible zones will be set to detect motion, sight, and sound. This is great if there is nothing in view of the doorbell that moves on a regular basis or your door does not face a busy street.

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Getting an alert when someone drives down the road will become a pain very quickly, so it may be necessary to adjust the settings to only detect movement within a closer range of your doorbell.

On both the original Ring Doorbell and the Ring Doorbell 2 you can select (or deselect) up to 5 different zones and completely customize the sensitivity. This means if you have a flag mounted in your front yard, you can avoid receiving an alert each time the wind blows.

Ring Doorbell Specifications

Each of the Ring models has a slightly different field of view which affects the available motion detection. There are also a couple of different resolutions between models. Here is a handy breakdown of each of the models to show you the possible options.

Model Ring Doorbell Ring Doorbell 2 Ring Doorbell Elite Ring Doorbell Pro Ring Door View Cam
Field of View 180⁰ horizontal 160⁰ horizontal, 90⁰ vertical 160⁰ horizontal, 90⁰ vertical 160⁰ horizontal, 90⁰ vertical 155⁰ horizontal, 90⁰ vertical
Motion Detection 180⁰ 180⁰ 160⁰ 160⁰ 130⁰
Video Resolution 720p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD

As you can see, each of the Ring models varies slightly. However, for most applications, any of the models will provide adequate coverage to help secure your home.

Audio Sensitivity

When it comes to hearing what your Ring Doorbell can capture on a video you may find them a bit more limiting. While there are no specific distances provided for audio coverage on any of the Ring devices, most customers report that they can hear up to 30 feet in optimum conditions.

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The original Ring Doorbell uses a lower sensitivity; therefore, you will likely experience lower quality two-way audio at distances less than just a few feet. This means that if you want to capture audio beyond a visitor at your door, you may want to choose a different model.

All other models have a higher level of two-way audio capability. Unfortunately, the reliability of two-way communication appears to be hit or miss. Some customers find they experience no issues with their audio volume and are even able to hear clearly from distances up to 30 feet. Other users report having lower audio volumes from setup.

Test Your Device

We suggest completely testing your audio and video quality as soon as you get your Ring Doorbell setup. This way, if there are any technical issues, they can be resolved.

Even the best technology can fail from time to time, so it may be worth requesting a replacement. You should be able to hear well enough to carry on a conversation within 10 feet or so if properly installed and working correctly.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found the information we have provided helpful in understanding the visual and audio capabilities of the Ring Doorbell and additional Ring models.

These devices combined with the Ring App and the new Ring Neighbor app are helping homeowners everywhere keep their homes more secure. Additionally, a Ring Doorbell can provide a wide range of convenience options as well. No matter which model you choose, you are sure to enjoy its many features.