How to Turn Off Subtitles on LG TV Without a Remote

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Subtitles do wonders for the hearing impaired and help when background noise drowns out dialogue. But without your LG TV remote, it can be tough to turn off those subtitles when you’re tired of looking at them.

Here’s how you can turn off the subtitles on your LG TV — even without a remote control.

Use the LG ThinQ App

LG ThinQ is a do-it-all app for all LG appliances — including LG TVs. 

You can link your TV to the LG ThinQ app, then use it to control your LG TV when your remote is AWOL. Once you’ve connected your TV to the app, follow these steps to turn off your subtitles:

  1. Open the LG ThinQ app and select your TV to open the remote.
  2. Press the settings icon.
  3. Use the touchpad to select “All Settings.”
  4. Tap “Accessibility.”
  5. Toggle “Closed Caption” off.

You’d use these steps to turn off the subtitles with your LG TV remote.

Use a Universal Remote

In a pinch, having a remote on your phone does the trick. But if your old remote is lost or damaged beyond repair, it’s a good idea to replace it with a universal remote.

To use a universal remote to take control of your LG TV, you first need to enter the correct code. Then, you can open your LG TV’s Accessibility settings and turn the subtitles off.

Use Voice Commands

If your LG TV is compatible with Alexa, you can use the command, “Alexa, turn closed caption off” to turn the subtitles off.

For this to work, you need to connect your LG TV to the LG ThinQ app and enable the LG ThinQ Skill on the Alexa app.

Turn the Subtitles Off on a Streaming App

Turning the subtitles off through your TV’s settings will work when you’re watching live TV. If you turned Closed Caption off and still see subtitles, you might need to change the setting in the app you’re using.

Every streaming app is different. But usually, you can find your subtitle options within the video player. For example:

  • On Netflix, subtitle options are underneath the video progress bar.
  • On Hulu, subtitle options are within the settings menu underneath the progress bar.

Keep Track of Your Remote Control

If you need a remote control alternative because you can’t keep track of your usual remote, you might want to attach something that’ll help you find it when you need to.

You can attach an Apple AirTag or Tile Mate to your remote, then use your phone to play a sound when you need to find it.

Sure, a smart tag won’t turn the subtitles off, but it will find the thing that can. 

FAQ: LG TV Functions Without Remotes

When Did LG Discontinue the LG TV Plus App?

LG discontinued the LG TV Plus app in 2021. Since then, all the app’s features have been integrated into the LG ThinQ app.

Can You Control an LG TV Without a Remote?

There are several devices you can use to control your LG TV without a remote:

  • The buttons on the TV
  • The LG ThinQ app
  • A universal remote
  • A USB mouse
  • An Xbox One controller
  • An Apple TV remote
  • A voice assistant

The best option for you will depend on what you’re trying to do and which LG TV model you own.

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