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How to Turn Off Subtitles on LG TV Without a Remote

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022
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Some things are just easier said than done: Unless you have an LG TV set with an up, down, left, right, power, and menu button on the actual device, you simply cannot turn off the subtitles directly from an LG TV when you don’t have a working remote available. Odds are, none of the above applies to you—and, like most LG TV owners, you probably only have a power button. So how do you turn off those subtitles without a remote?

Subtitles do wonders for the hearing impaired and when the background drowns out the dialogue. Unfortunately, remotes often end up in that far and away land we like to call a couch cushion or wedged beneath the coffee table. Maybe you just have kids—in that case, good luck ever finding the remote when you want it! Fortunately, there are still other ways to get those annoying words off the screen when you’re tired of looking at them.

Use LG ThinQ, Smartify, or Other Remote Apps

The LG Magic Remote is a laughably ironic name, especially considering how TV remotes “magically” seem to disappear when you need them. Fortunately, there’s an app that can just as easily eliminate subtitles like the real thing:

  • LG ThinQ (Android Version and iOS Version) – LG ThinQ is a do-it-all app for all LG appliances, including LG TVs. The TV remote portion is full of glitz and glamour—it’s actually pretty minimalist—but it does the job. Also, since it’s made for LG products, you know you’re getting a solid app to wipe those subtitles off the screen.
  • Smartify (Android Version and iOS Version) – The Smartify app is a universal remote control app. It’s not designed exclusively for LG TVs. However, it was designed with LG TVs in mind. Smartify doesn’t try to bedazzle you with “life-altering” features, nor is it graphics-intensive. It simply controls your LG TV when you’re remote is AWOL.
  • TV Plus and Smart Remote are exclusive to iOS and Android, respectively. They’re both excellent apps for taking control of your LG TV, with their own, unique features. The Smart Remote app probably stands out a bit more in terms of aesthetic appeal.

With any of these smart apps, removing subtitles will be the same as if you had the LG Magic Remote:

  1. Press the Menu/Home button.
  2. When the on-screen Home Menu opens up, navigate to the Options menu unless there is no Options menu, in which case there should be a Setup menu.
  3. Use the on-screen arrows to highlight Captions.
  4. Toggle the Captions Off.
  5. Exit the menu.

Purchase a Universal Remote

If touchscreen, smart app remotes just aren’t your forte, and you’re desperate to get those subtitles off the screen, you may need to just buckle down and order a universal remote.

Like the apps, there are a ton of universal remotes to choose from. However, an app is easy to delete while an order from Amazon or a purchase from the store is not. The above is a solid list of reliable, universal remotes but always be sure to do your homework and check compatibility.

A universal remote will give you the same level of control that you get with the original remote so that you can navigate through Menu/Home > Options/Setup > Captions > On/Off in the same way.

Find the Tag That Finds Your Remote

Unless your remote is damaged beyond repair or irretrievably lost, you should consider tagging it with a smart tag. Sure, a smart tag won’t turn the subtitles off, but it will find the thing that can. Besides, what’s the point of purchasing a universal remote if it finds its way back into a cushion?

  • Apple AirTag: These neat little things have a built-in speaker with ultra-wideband tech so you can lock it down with precision.
  • Tile Mate: These neat little trackers work with Bluetooth, so unless you lost your remote on the side of a mountain somewhere, it should always be in range to locate.
  • Esky: These tags come with their own remote, so you’d better super glue it down somewhere that’s inaccessible to anyone but you.

These may not be the ultimate solution to getting the subtitles off of your LG TV, but if they help you keep track of your remote, you’ve solved both problems!

Final Thoughts

There’s no real way to get the subtitles off of your LG TV without some sort of remote. It’s possible to unplug and plug in the TV, but that’s not likely to do much in any case.

All things considered, remotes are easy to lose—for some strange reason beyond the understanding of humankind—so having a universal remote, an app, or a method for tracing a wayward remote, will keep you in control of your LG TV, along with it.

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