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Can I Change the Screensaver on My LG TV?

Last Updated May 20, 2022
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If you have an LG TV, you’ve probably noticed that it came with a pre-programmed screen saver. If you don’t like the one it came with, or you just want to see what else is available, you may be scratching your head wondering if it’s possible to change it. If it is possible, how exactly do you do it? 

Technically, you can’t change the screensaver that came with your LG TV. However, you can put it into a mode which displays pre-programed images in a sort of slide show. To do this you simply need to go into your TV’s gallery and select the images you want your TV to cycle through. 

If you’re curious how to display your TV’s image gallery, or change the settings on your TV’s screensaver, you’ve come to the right place. Below we will guide you on how to turn on and off your screensaver, as well as how to use your TV’s built in image gallery in a way that works very similar to a traditional screensaver. So, let’s get started!

How to Turn On/Off LG TV Screen Saver

Most of the time, LG TV’s come with the screen saver already activated in the settings. However, sometimes that is not the case. 

If you’re curious about changing your LG TV’s screen saver simply because one isn’t coming up at all, the following steps will help you activate yours:

  • Press the menu button: There should be a menu button on your LG TV’s remote. It should be a button with a gear icon on it. Some models’ remotes have the word “menu” printed under the button, while others only have the gear icon. 
  • Go into settings: Scroll through the menu until you find settings and click on them. 
  • Click on General Settings: In the settings menu that pops up, scroll down until you come across general settings.
  • Find Screen Saver: If your TV is capable of having a screen saver, you should find it here. Just scroll through the settings until you find “Screen Saver,” and select it to turn it on. Please note, if you wanted to know how to change your screensaver because you wanted to turn it off, this process works for that as well. 

We should also note here that not all LG TV’s will allow you to turn on/off your screen saver. If you followed all of these steps and there was no screen saver option, that is likely the case with your particular model. 

Can You Add a Screensaver To Your LG TV?

So, you can’t change the screensaver on your LG TV, but is it possible to add a new one to it?

Unfortunately, as of now, you can’t add any new screensavers to an LG TV. The only option for a screensaver is the one that comes pre-programmed within it. Still, there is a loophole that will allow you to display other images when you’re not watching your TV, that acts in much the same way as a traditional screensaver.

While you can’t actually change the screensaver on your LG TV, you can put it into a photo gallery mode that is comparable to some traditional screensavers. To do this you simply need to display the OLED gallery images.

The OLED gallery images are a set of digital photos that come with most LG TVs in order to highlight the televisions picture quality and clarity. Unfortunately, you can’t add any images to the gallery itself. So to be clear, this will only activate a slideshow of images that already came with the TV. The benefit is it has a lot more variety than the pre-programmed screensaver.

The following steps will walk you through how to display the OLED photo gallery, preprogrammed into your LG TV: 

  • Press the home button: This should cause a menu to pop up which you can scroll through with your remote.
  • Find “Gallery,” and select images you like: While you can’t add new photos, you do get to pick which ones you want to display. Just go through and select each photo you want in your slideshow. 
  • Select Ok: Once you select ok, it should begin to cycle through the photos you selected

Please note this is something you will have to manually activate. If you want your TV to be displaying its photo gallery when you’re not using it, you will need to enter it each time. Fortunately, as you can see above, the process takes under a minute to do. 

So Really, Can I Change the Screensaver on My LG TV?

Strictly speaking, the screensaver on your LG TV can’t be changed. It can just be turned on and off in your settings. Still, there is another option that is similar to a screensaver, except it needs to be turned on manually. Instead of a screensaver, you can display your television’s OLED gallery, and have it cycle through different pre-programmed images like a slideshow. 

To activate your OLED image gallery, you simply need to go to the home menu and enter the gallery itself. Select the images you want to cycle through and hit the “ok” button. This will initiate a slide show that you can have on in the background while you aren’t really watching the TV. Functionally, it will be much the same as a traditional screensaver. 

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