Disney Plus Sound Not Working On LG TV (Easy Fix)


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With new technology, we are finally able to watch some of our favorite Disney movies and shows at the click of a button. The days when we had to wait for a movie to come out of the Disney vault for a short time are over. Now we can watch our shows on the Disney Plus app, but what if the Disney Plus sound is not working on your LG TV?

If the Disney Plus sound is not working on your LG TV, you can troubleshoot it by checking the update status of your LG TV, checking the update status of your Disney Plus app, checking the sound settings on your TV, checking the mute button, and turning up the volume.

Sitting down to one of your favorite Disney shows can be a real treat. It can also be extremely frustrating when you expect everything to run smoothly and it doesn’t. Use these easy fix options to help you get your sound up and running again.

Check Your LG TV for Updates

Smart TVs often need to be updated in order for any of their apps and features to work properly. This is also true for an LG TV

In order to keep your LG TV up and running properly and ensure the sound for your Disney Plus app is working, you need to update it regularly. This holds true for using any app on an LG TV.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your LG TV
  • Make sure your LG TV is connected to a strong WiFi connection
  • Press the home button on your remote (it looks like a house) to get to your menu
  • Look for the settings gear and select it
  • At the bottom of the next menu, select the All Settings button
  • Navigate to the left of the menu and select the General menu
  • Click About This TV
  • Find the section that talks about updates. First, make sure to turn on automatic updates. Then click the button that says check for updates. If an update is available, let it run its course. If it isn’t, use one of our other tips.

Check Your Disney Plus App for Updates

If your LG TV is connected to the internet. Disney Plus should automatically update. If the app is not automatically updating, it could be the cause of your Disney Plus sound not working on your LG TV. An easy way to fix this is to uninstall your Disney Plus app and then reinstall it. Here is how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Disney Plus App with your TV remote
  • Choose the Disney Plus App by selecting OK
  • Scroll up until you come across the X button at the top of the app
  • Press OK on the X
  • A popup window will appear confirming that you want to remove the app; select yes.
  • Press the home button on your remote
  • Go to the LG TV Store
  • Use the search box to type in Disney Plus and search for the app
  • Select Disney Plus and then Install
  • When the installation is done, click Launch
  • Log into your Disney Plus account and see if the sound is working again!

Check Your LG TV Sound Settings

TVs can be complicated to use, which is doubly so when you are trying to set up the perfect sound experience for your favorite shows and movies. Sometimes a sound setting issue can be the cause of your Disney Plus sound not working on your LG TV. Use these helpful tips to troubleshoot this common problem:

  • Turn on your LG TV
  • Navigate to the settings menu; it is the little gear looking icon
  • Find the Sound option and select it
  • Next, select Sound On
  • Then select Optical 
  • Lastly, select Pass Through
  • Restart your Disney Plus app and see if the sound works!

Also, ensure your LG TV isn’t experiencing any sound delays. If it is, there are some easy fixes depending on your model.

Mute is Silencing Your Shows

The dreaded mute button is often one of the most common reasons why your Disney Plus app now has sound on your LG TV. Luckily, the mute button is relatively easy to locate on your remote. It looks like a speaker with a line through it. Click this button and see if the sound comes back. 

Turn it Up

After you have unmuted your TV, you may also want to try to turn up the volume on your TV with the remote as well. Use the volume up button to turn the setting up a bit and see if this helps your sound issue. Sometimes different apps playback sound at different volumes, which can be the root of your problem.

When in Doubt, Throw it Out

Although this is the end all be all option, sometimes TVs kick the bucket. This means that important parts stop working and cannot be fixed no matter how much determination you possess. Don’t fret; there are tons of new and affordable TVs out there waiting for you to take them home.

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