Can Nanit Be Hacked? Tips on How to Stay Secure!

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The Nanit camera system is a great way to see your baby while they are in their crib and monitor their sleeping. Since the camera is in your child’s room and records all the time, you probably have concerns about whether Nanit can be hacked and if it’s truly safe to have to watch your children.

No camera system, including Nanit baby monitors, is ever completely secure against hacking. However, Nanit does take measures to ensure that video and data feeds are safe on their servers. The system is also designed so that video streams cannot be pulled from the camera directly.

You might still be wondering how the Nanit server system works and how it keeps your baby safe. Don’t worry; we will go over all of this as well as some essential safety tips to help you keep the camera system secure from hackers.

Can Someone Hack My Nanit?

While the Nanit has many amazing security features put in place to prevent hacking, any kind of smart video monitor, like Nanit, can be hacked. Hackers know how to get around security features and firewalls to steal information and video footage.

A smart video monitor will use your Wi-Fi router to connect to the app and let you use all the great monitor features. This means that someone will need to access your router to access the baby monitor.

Is the Nanit Monitor Safe?

Despite the fact that smart baby monitors can be hacked, they are still considered safe. Hacking is rare, especially if you set up the right protocols and check your safety features periodically to ensure they are working properly.

The Nanit camera is considered safer than other baby cameras due to the following features:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Video and data feeds to stay on Nanit servers
  • No use of third parties for the app and camera servers

With the 256 bit-encryption and two-factor authentication, you have extra protection against hackers. All your data and video feeds are securely protected so that people can’t see your child while they are sleeping or playing in their room.

In addition to the security features, the Nanit camera is also very safe for babies because there are hidden cords, and the camera has sound and motion alerts.

How Do I Know If Nanit Is Being Hacked?

Even though hacking the Nanit baby cameras is extremely difficult and rare, you should still know the signs of a hacked baby camera to keep yourself and your children protected.

  • You notice the camera has been rotated or moved. Hackers can rotate the camera around for different room views just like you can. Make sure the camera is in the same position as where you last left it.
  • LED lights are blinking. The LED light should only blink when you are viewing the camera through the app. If it’s blinking and you are not using the app, it means someone else could be viewing the camera footage.
  • You hear voices or noises coming from the camera. The Nanit cameras have a two-way talk feature. So, hackers may be able to talk to your child or be heard making noises on the other end.
  • Your settings have changed. If you have security settings properly set up, check them periodically to ensure they haven’t changed unless you did it.

How to Protect Nanit from Being Hacked

Securing your wireless router is the first step you can take to make sure your baby monitor is protected.If you want to protect your wireless router, try the following tips:

  • Update router firmware regularly. Check for updates or set them up to run automatically.
  • Disable remote access to the router. Make sure you can only change settings to the router when you are home.
  • Set a strong password for your Nanit camera. Use a password that is unique and different from other passwords you use.
  • Make sure to set up your own username and password. Don’t use the default options that come with the router.
  • Update the firmware to the Nanit regularly. Check the app for updates and run them as soon as they are available.
  • Disable remote access to the Nanit camera. Seeing your baby while you have a sitter or other person in your home may warrant turning on remote access. Try not to have it on all the time, though.

In Summary

Any smart baby video monitor can be hacked, but Nanit has set up extra security features on theirs to ensure that your baby and your home are protected. They use AWS cloud computing, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit encryption to make it exceedingly difficult for other people to access your camera and the servers.

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