Does Nanit Record All the Time?

Baby with a camera on bedBaby with a camera on bed

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The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Camera is known as one of the most innovative smart baby monitoring systems, and for good reason. This product uses industry-leading technology that helps you track and record all your baby’s progress during rest and sleep. Researching the recording capabilities is an essential step in giving you all the information you need on this monitoring choice for your most precious asset: your baby! With that said, you may be wondering if Nanit records all the time.

The Nanit baby monitoring camera provides a constant video feed of your baby’s activity in real-time. To save, store and integrate advanced video tracking, there are several subscription options. Without a plan, Nanit still provides a high-quality, live feed that is always recording.

Nothing is more important than making sure your baby is safe, comfortable, and resting well. With an always-on video feed and multiple options to track, save, and monitor sleep, the Nanit is the most sophisticated system you can purchase for your baby’s well-being. Keep reading to find out more about how the Nanit records all the time to give you the comfort and security you need for your family.

How Does Nanit Record all the Time?

The Nanit system provides your family with the latest technology for keeping track of your baby’s rest. Whether you want to mount your Nanit Pro Camera on the wall or use a safe, convenient floor stand for easy portability, you can choose which option is right for you.

The camera utilizes 1080p recording quality that relays a crisp, clear view of the baby’s every moment while resting and sleeping. The camera is always on, making sure you do not miss a moment. To save and track the live feed, there are a few options to look at to help you decide on which choice is right for you.

Can Nanit Record All the Time if There is More than One Camera?

If you have more than one baby you are monitoring, the app can accommodate multiple cameras and feeds for added convenience. Even with more than one camera integrated into the app, you can be assured that each camera is constantly recording, and it is easy to switch between camera feeds right in the app.

Nanit Camera Recording Options

Below, you will be able to compare the recording options that Nanit offers. With several subscription offers, a free trial when first purchased, and bundle savings, there is a choice for every budget. Below, you can see what each plan offers:

 Nanit InsightsInsights PremiumInsights Unlimited
Sleep Tracking
Saved Video History
Time-Lapse History
Real-Time Feed
Breathing Motion Tracking
Two DaysThirty DaysUnlimited
Saved MemoriesUp to TwelveUp to Two HundredUnlimited

With Nanit, you will be able to save and monitor the different analytics mentioned above with the various subscriptions the brand offers:

  • Nanit Insights is free for the first year when you purchase the Nanit Pro system. After that, you can choose between $5 a month or $50 for a year subscription after your free year is up. Up to two users can utilize the benefits of this subscription.
  • Insights Premium costs $10 a month or $100 for a yearly subscription. This subscription can have up to ten users, allowing loved ones and caregivers premium access to monitor your baby’s sleep.
  • Insights Unlimited is a premium option that can add fifty users to the app access. This option costs $30 a month or $300 for a year’s access.

How to View Nanit Recordings

Viewing the Nanit recordings conveniently is important, and the Nanit app is a full-featured, interactive app with multiple options to interact, track and view all your baby’s progress. Access recordings, live feed, tips, statistics, and more on your smartphone. The Nanit app for iOS can be found here. For an android phone, you can download the app here.

Users often inquire about utilizing the Nanit app on their desktop or PC; however, currently, there is no option for viewing on these devices.

If you have an Echo Show, you can enable the Nanit skill in the Alexa app and view a live feed from the camera, adding a convenient viewing option without using your smartphone. It should be noted that there is currently no option to interact using your Echo Show, only the ability to view a live feed from the camera.


The Nanit camera and baby monitoring system provide around-the-clock recording, allowing you to rest assured that your baby is safe and comfortable. High-quality recordings and premium app features make the Nanit system one of the best choices in the baby monitoring industry.

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