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Why is My Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light?

Last Updated Mar 29, 2022
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The Ring Chime can tell you a lot with just an indication of the light. Is it blinking? Spinning? Flashing? And what color is it using? A lot of these things can indicate different messages your light is telling you. However, it’s not always clear what it’s trying to tell you—and deciphering this can get complicated.

When your Ring Chime is flashing a blue light—this can mean your Ring is set up correctly, your Ring is successfully reset to factory settings, or your doorbell was pushed.

If you’re unsure which of these options your doorbell is trying to communicate, we’ll help you decipher the signs.

Your Ring Chime Is Set Up Correctly

If your Ring Chime has been set up correctly, it will show a flashing blue light. This blue light will be on for a second and then off for a second. The flashing light of consistent time on and off will tell you that it is starting up or booting.

Occasionally, this can occur for long periods. If this is happening to you and not resolving itself, it can indicate that your Ring is trying to boot continuously. It may need to be reset to factory settings.

How to Set Up Ring

When you first get a Ring Chime or move into a house with one, you may be wondering how to set up the device.

Before you install the doorbell and Ring Chime, you should download the Ring app. You’ll create an account, enter your email address, and move forward with the following steps:

  1. Select which type of Ring Chime you have.
  2. Name your Ring Chime.
  3. Allow the Ring app to access your location.
  4. Press the orange button on the back of the device. (If you moved into a home with a Ring Chime, you can simply slide off the Ring from the base by pulling up.)
  5. When the orange button has been pressed correctly, the doorbell’s light will start flashing in a spinning direction.
  6. Connect to the Ring’s Wi-Fi network. It will be something like “Ring-xxx.”
  7. Then, you’ll come back to the Ring app and select your home’s Wi-Fi network.
  8. The Ring will take a while to connect but will be flashing when it’s properly connected

Your Ring Chime Has Successfully Reset to Factory Settings

If you see rapid (less than a second between flashes) lights flashing on your Ring Chime and you have just tried to factory reset your device, that simply means it’s been successfully reset. If you are stuck in a continuous reboot and see the flashing blue light for one second on, one second off, then you may need to complete a factory reset.

How to Factory Reset Ring Chime

Please keep in mind, when you complete a factory reset on a Ring Chime, it will erase all of the settings and preferences that have been previously set. While this can be a good thing, when you move into a new home, you may find yourself repeating setup if it’s your Ring from before.

When you want to reset a Ring Chime, you will follow these steps:

  1. Locate where the reset button is (typically on the side or back of the device).
  2. Press and hold the reset button.
  3. The blue light will flash quickly when it has been reset.
  4. You will need to follow the directions to set up your newly factory reset Ring Chime through the app.

Your Ring Doorbell Has Been Pushed

Once a Ring doorbell is pushed, the light will flash in a spinning manner. It will show a spinning indicator, which will send your phone an alert. While this may seem alarming that your Ring is flashing blue, it simply can indicate that it’s working as expected. It will also flash if it detects motion that isn’t expected!

If you answer the call sent to your device, the flashing, spinning light will turn solid while you are talking to the person at your door.

In this case, the flashing does not indicate any problem. It simply means your Ring Chime is acting as expected and recording a doorbell’s activity being rung or motion being recorded. If you pay for Ring Premium, you can see what motion was recorded when by using the app.


There are many reasons a Ring Chime may be flashing blue at you—some are just indicators of success, while others may indicate a problem that needs attention (such as a factory reset). The blue light is meant to communicate the Ring Chime’s status to you and can be a means of communication if you know what the flashing means.

Looking for other Ring Chime troubleshooting tips? Check out this article!

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