Why is My eufy Camera Flashing Blue (And Red)?

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There they are, those blinking red and blue lights that have suddenly decided to appear on your eufy camera. Not only do you not know the cause of their appearance, but you also have no idea how to make them stop. As a result, the eufy camera that you’ve trusted to monitor and record your surroundings is no longer functioning properly, leaving you frustrated and pondering what those lights mean.

Frequently, if a eufy camera is flashing blue light, it means the camera is ready for setup, while a flashing red light means the camera is disconnected from the Internet. If the camera is flashing both colors, this indicates its firmware is upgrading. However, there might be alternative reasons depending on the eufy camera model.

If you have a eufy camera that is suspiciously flashing a red and/or blue light, read on as we discuss the most likely causes for this unwanted light show, along with some more unlikely causes, and how you can remedy this issue.

Why Your eufy Camera Is Flashing Blue

One of the most convenient features of all eufy cameras is that they come equipped with an LED indicator light that flashes one of three colors in various patterns to convey meanings.

While this can be handy once you’ve learned every light status and what it implies, they can easily become a source of frustration if they’re flashing for unknown reasons. Thankfully, the blue flashing light is usually the easiest to interpret and resolve.

In most cases, a flashing (or breathing, as eufy likes to put it) blue light means that your eufy camera is ready to be set up or has successfully connected to your network but has not completed the setup process.

If you just bought your eufy camera, this is probably one of the first light settings you’ll see. To set up the eufy camera, you’ll need to:

  1. download the Eufy Security Camera Application on a Smart device
  2. create an account with a login ID and password
  3. Click “add base station” to connect your eufy app with the base station
  4. Switch on your eufy camera
  5. Sync your eufy camera to the app device using the sync option

You might see your eufy camera’s light change in color and pattern during this process, but by the end, it should be a solid blue, indicating that it is connected and working properly.

If you notice that your eufy camera is flashing blue indefinitely, this might indicate that the camera is having a hard time connecting to your app device. To resolve the issue, we recommend checking that the camera was properly added to the app and you have the sync option open.

If everything looks right, try turning off the eufy camera, closing out of the eufy application, and then restarting the setup process.

Why Your eufy Camera is Flashing Red

It’s no surprise a flashing red light on your eufy camera is probably setting you on edge, as red usually indicates there’s some sort of error at play, and in this case, it’s true.

A flashing red light on your eufy camera usually indicates that the camera has disconnected from the Internet.

All eufy cameras require a steady and strong internet connection to function optimally. While most will stay on without the Internet, you’ll usually find your eufy camera will not record any footage until the connection is restored.

So, should you find that your eufy camera is flashing red, the first step you should take to resolving the issue is, unsurprisingly, to check your Internet connection.

In most cases, you’ll find that your modem or router is experiencing its own issue, or you simply need to reconnect your eufy camera to the appropriate network using the mobile app. If you’re using your eufy camera on-the-go, then you’ll want to check your hotspot provider (ex. SMART phone, laptop, etc.).

There are, however, a few eufy camera models that are an exception to the reason above, namely the eufy Cam 2 and 2 Pro.

If you have one of these cameras and you notice it is flashing red, then the good news is that your camera is work exactly as it should; however, the bad news is that this light color and pattern indicates that the camera’s anti-theft alarm has been triggered.

There is also the rare exception of the HomeBase 2, which will flash red when it is ready for setup, so this issue will really depend on which eufy camera model you have.

Why Your eufy Camera is Flashing Red and Blue

Thankfully, unlike a flashing red eufy camera, a flashing red and blue eufy camera means the same for every model.

Any eufy camera that is flashing red and blue is indicating that the camera’s firmware is upgrading. During this time, the camera will not operate, and the only resolution is to wait until the upgrade is complete.

Firmware updates aren’t too common for eufy cameras, and when they do occur, it usually isn’t until late in the night. However, if you want to update it manually, you can do so by going to the “About Device” page on your app and clicking the “check for firmware/ check for firmware update” option.

Final Thoughts

While the eufy patterns and explanations listed above apply to most models, the easiest way to discern why your camera, in particular, is flashing is to check the manual that came with it. Each eufy camera manual contains a chart explaining and LED indicators for your convenience. If this doesn’t help, and your camera won’t stop flashing, we recommend contacting eufy’s customer support.

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