Why Is My Eufy Camera Night Vision Not Working?

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Smart Security cameras are made to be mounted around your smart home, both inside, and outside. They are supposed to help secure your house no matter the time and season. That’s why smart cameras like Eufy are embedded with a night vision feature to make this work. 

There are many reasons why your Eufy camera night vision may not be working, but the most common one is that the night vision is not actually turned on.

But what happens when you can’t figure out how to turn this feature on, or it stops working on your device entirely? In this article, we are going to look at how the night vision feature works, why your camera’s night vision may not be working, and how you can fix it in no time.

How Does The Night Vision Work In Eufy Cameras?

The night vision feature on Eufy smart cameras allows users to be able to see their surveillance in pitch darkness so that they don’t miss anything. They use infrared light to illuminate structures, and images in the dark. So how does it work?

Although it can’t be seen, Infrared light is all around. Eufy Cameras detect these visible wavelengths making it possible for your smart device to see in the dark. Eufy comes with a series of IR LEDs located around the lens, and these LEDs transmit infrared light at night making night vision possible.

Since these infrared lights can mess with your colored recording, Eufy smart cameras have an IR cut-off filter to block these lights during the day. The filter is located between the sensor, and the lens so that visible light can pass through during daylight while blocking off the infrared lights. 

Why Is My Camera Night Vision Not Working?

Your Eufy camera night vision may not be working as a result of a couple of reasons. Mostly, it may be that you didn’t turn it on at first. 

You can turn your Eufy Cam Night vision by doing this:

  1. Open your EufySecurity App, and select the camera.
  2. In the Camera Settings, you will see “auto night vision”, toggle it to enable this feature. 
  3. If there’s no spotlight or external light, you will see black and white images when the camera is live streaming. If the spotlight is present, the photo shows would be colored even at night.

During Live-streaming, if you have not toggled on the night vision feature, the picture would be very dark. You can enable the night vision feature in the live streaming screen by clicking on the auto night vision button. You can switch it by still tapping on it. 

Other Reasons Eufy Cam Night Vision May Not Be Working

Apart from not initially turning your night vision feature on, there are other reasons why your night vision may be faulty or not coming up. These are:

  • The lighting of the environment your Eufy camera is installed in may have too much ambient light hence the night vision may not work or turn on automatically.
  • Your Eufy camera may be directly pointing at a reflective surface, and this prevents the night vision feature from being activated.
  • Your Eufy Camera uses its IR sensor and night vision lens to detect motion as well as heat signatures so if your cam doesn’t show any footage when the night vision is turned on, particles like dust and water droplets are to blame.
  • Your Eufy Cam needs to be power cycled or restarted. Maybe the cam didn’t boot or start up well.
  • Your IR Cut filter may be broken or bad.

When using a wired Eufy smart Camera, a bad power adapter can hinder the camera from turning on the IR lights. If you would like to learn more about Eufy cameras, check out this article.

How to Fix Night Vision On Eufy Camera?

If you find out that the Night vision feature is not working on your Eufy Cam, and you have to troubleshoot it to find what went wrong, you can easily fix it and get it working again. If not, you may be forced to use your warranty.

To fix your Night vision on your Eufy Camera, do this:

  • Always check the lightning of your environment where you mount your camera. Avoid ambient lights.
  • Adjust your camera to point away from reflective surfaces. 
  • Restart your Camera to help reset the imaging.
  • Clean any dust or water droplets found on your camera.
  • Use a compatible cable for wired devices.

If you find out that your IR cut filter is bad, don’t attempt to disassemble the camera because Eufy makes their camera a little difficult to take apart. Instead, you can return the camera to the company, and they will help you to fix it. 


Smart home devices do get bad sometimes, and we have to try everything in our power to fix them. Your Eufy camera may have a faulty night vision, and you might have tried everything above. Before you give up, you should result in the last solution; calling Eufy Support care. They can help, and guide you more on how you can get your camera’s night vision working again.

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