Do The eufy Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

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A major deciding factor in purchasing any security system, such as the popular eufy cameras, is whether they require Wi-Fi to function. While Wi-Fi technology is a common feature in most households and businesses, sometimes it’s more convenient to purchase a security system that isn’t reliant on it despite most operating on a superior level when powered by a strong Wi-Fi connection. So, do eufy cameras need Wi-Fi, and, if so, how what does this affect their use possibilities?

Eufy cameras require a stable and consistent Wi-Fi connection directly to the Internet, along with additional Wi-Fi requirements, such as the proper gigahertz radio band, to operate at peak performance. This primarily refers to video footage recording and accessibility. However, it does not require a standard modem/router setup.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about eufy camera’s Wi-Fi and Internet requirements. As you read, you’ll learn the optimal setup for eufy cameras and ways you can utilize this system using just your everyday Smartphone.

Can eufy Cameras Work Without Wi-Fi?

Knowing whether a eufy camera requires Wi-Fi is crucial, as it often dictates the system’s efficiency and ability to operate in various situations. For example, if the power goes out in your household, will your eufy cameras still stand guard without the Wi-Fi?

Yes and no. The answer to this question is a bit tricky since it highly depends on the eufy camera model you own and your definition of “work.” Most models can normally work with the power on, but the Internet is out as long as the camera is charged, but any recorded video your eufy camera has taken while the Wi-Fi is not functioning will be lost if the router or HomeBase is restarted.

The eufyCam is arguably the most diverse when it comes to functionality with or without power and/or Internet, as it can function off a charged backup battery on the HomeBase. However, it falls into the same issue of losing footage when it or the router is restarted.

Additionally, if any eufy camera is on without Wi-Fi, you will not be able to access eufySecurity devices via the eufySecurity app.

Overall, if you want to be able to access or keep recorded footage taken by a eufy camera, you will need a Wi-Fi connection of some form. You will need to connect it directly to a router via ethernet cable, and then it must maintain an Internet connection to operate at full performance.

Do eufy Cameras Work With All Wi-Fi?

Those of you who prioritize Wi-Fi speed and a reliable Wi-Fi connection over range might have swapped over to 5 GHz Wi-Fi rather than the standard 2.4 GHz. Unfortunately, eufy cameras are not compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi or any other frequency than 2.4 GHz. So, if your home, office, or business has moved away from this frequency, you won’t be able to set up and utilize these cameras.

Can I Use eufy Cameras Without a Modem and Router?

It isn’t uncommon for people to want the comfort of a security system in environments where they can’t have a modem and router set up. Common examples would be in your car or around a remote cabin or campsite. Since eufy cameras require Wi-Fi to function optimally, does this mean you can’t bring them with you to these locations?

It is possible to use eufy cameras at their full performance without a modem or router by connecting them to a sustainable Wi-Fi signal created by a mobile hotspot (compatible with both Android and iPhone).

That being said, you will still need a modem and router for the initial set up of your eufy cameras using an ethernet cable. Once you’ve completed that process, all you need to do is change the Homebase primary Wi-Fi connection name to the hotspot created by your iPhone or Android device.

After the eufy cameras have successfully connected to your phone, you have the freedom of moving them and the Homebase as necessary. While this will likely cost you a pretty penny in data if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, it is a significant advantage of purchasing eufy cameras, as it makes them portable and significantly increases the possibilities of what you can do with them and locations you can protect. 

Just remember that you’ll need to keep your eufy cameras charged, and the hotspot must stay on at all times to support full performance, so it might be best to only turn on your eufy cameras when you really need them if you’re away from a stable router and modem supplied Wi-Fi connection.

Final Thoughts

While eufy cameras do require a constant Wi-Fi connection in order to record security footage and be accessible through the eufySecurity app, this requirement isn’t as limiting as you might think. With the ability to support eufy cameras through a mobile hotspot, the possibilities of where you can set them up are nearly endless.

Just remember that you need the right Wi-Fi frequency, a steady connection, and charged cameras for full performance. You will also need a standard router and modem for the initial setup, so if you don’t already own this equipment, you won’t be able to use eufy cameras beyond turning them on. 

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