Why Does My Hello Baby Monitor Beep?

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The Hello Baby Monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your baby when they are sleeping in their crib and you’re in another room. Most of the time, the Hello Baby Monitors will be silent. If you hear your monitor beeping, there are a few issues you might need to address. 

Hello Baby Monitors will beep when there is a timer alarm going off or when the temperature warning has been triggered. Both of these issues can be fixed by adjusting the settings on the alarm. 

If you hear your Hello Baby Monitor beeping, you might be wondering which issue is causing it and how to fix it quickly. We will go over tips in this article as well as give you some troubleshooting advice to make sure your monitor doesn’t beep in the future. 

Why Is My Hello Baby Monitor Beeping? 

If you find your monitor beeping, it can be worrisome and annoying. You might be wondering if the monitor is broken and if your baby is still safe since the monitor doesn’t usually beep. 

While the Hello Baby Monitors can make many different noises, the beeping is the most common and is usually not something to worry about. 

Usually, the monitor beeps if the alarm is going off or if the baby’s bedroom has become too hot or too cold. 

Hello Baby Monitor Alarm Going Off 

The alarm feature on the monitor gives you a reminder to check on your baby. It will begin to beep and continue to do so until you have turned it off, much like a regular alarm clock. 

Here are some clues the beeping might be caused by an alarm:

  • It will beep at the time that you set the alarm for. 
  • It will sound every minute from the time you selected. 
  • The beeping will stop when you press any button on the unit. 

The default setting for the alarm is always off. If you don’t remember setting an alarm, ask your partner if they set one. If neither of you set an alarm and the beeping does not turn off when you press a button on the unit, it’s probably not the alarm causing an issue. 

Hello Baby Monitor Temperature Alarm Going Off 

The monitor comes with temperature alarms to make sure you get an alert every time your baby’s room becomes too hot or too cold. 

Here are some clues the beeping is caused by the temperature alarm: 

  • Your unit is flashing and making warning beep noises. 
  • The beeping stops when you press a button. 
  • The temperature settings icon on the monitor is red. 

If you think the beeping is caused by a temperature alert, you need to try and adjust the temperature of the room right away. If your baby is in the room, remove them and place them in a more comfortable area of the home. 

If the temperature alert is constantly going on, there might be an issue with that room’s heat or air conditioning. In this case, you will need to contact your local HVAC company. You should also find another room for your baby to sleep in until the issue is resolved. 

Temperature Alarm settings can be changed manually in the menu of your monitor if you do not want to receive them in the future. 

Adjusting the Temperature Alarm Settings 

If you do not want to receive temperature alarm warnings or you want the upper and lower limits to be different, you should change the settings in the menu on the monitor.

You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Use the up and down arrows until you see the alarm icon. 
  2. Highlight the alarm settings. 
  3. Press Confirm. 
  4. Use the up and down arrows to set a high limit. 
  5. Press Confirm. 
  6. Set a low limit. 
  7. Press Confirm. 

If you have adjusted the temperature alarm settings but are still hearing beeping, the temperature settings might be malfunctioning. You can deactivate them completely by highlighting the temperature alarm icon and selecting “Off.” 

The temperature of your baby’s room is important though. Consider contacting Hello Baby support and telling them about the malfunction. 

Adjusting the Alarm Settings 

If the alarm is causing the beeping, you might want to adjust the time the alarm goes off or you might want to turn the alarm off completely.

Here how to do this:

  1. Open the menu by pressing the menu key. 
  2. Use the left and right buttons to select the clock icon. 
  3. Use the up and down arrows to choose the time you want the alarm to go off. 
  4. Press Confirm. 

If you want the alarm to be off, you will need to choose the clock icon and then choose “OFF.” 

If the alarm is going off and you did not set it, you should contact Hello Baby support so they can check your device or send you a new one. 

Final Thoughts 

Hello Baby Monitors usually beep because there is an issue with the temperature of the baby’s room or if the reminder alarm is going off. You can change these alarms in the settings part of the unit. You can also contact support if you are having further issues.

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