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How Long Does the Hello Baby Monitor Battery Last?

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
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Keeping your baby safe is one of the most important parts of parenthood. It can be challenging to keep your child safe while getting the rest you need to provide quality care. Luckily, baby monitors are a great way to get the peace of mind you deserve.

The Hello Baby brand offers some of the best baby monitors available on the market today. These monitors range in price but offer unique features and impressive battery life. In fact, most range between 7 and 11 hours before charging.

If you are expecting a bundle of joy or simply want to better monitor your children, Hello Baby is a great brand to consider. Of course, before making such a purchase, you want to learn more about what these monitors offer. To learn more, keep reading!

Top Monitors Offered by Hello Baby 

Before jumping into the specifications of the Hello Baby monitors, learning more about the various monitors offered is key. Each of the monitors offered by Hello Baby is high quality and designed to keep your child safe. The monitors offered by Hello Baby are:

  • HelloBaby Monitor HB24 This is a great choice for a wide range of parents. It allows you to clearly see your child from anywhere in your home, even at night.
  • HelloBaby Monitor HB30 This monitor has many unique features. Night vision kicks in automatically when needed and you can control the camera by remote!
  • HelloBaby Monitor HB32This monitor is perfect for a variety of needs. This monitor is unique as it has a sound-activated LED screen that alerts when your child makes noise. 
  • HelloBaby Monitor HB50 While this monitor is a bit more pricey, it has several amazing features. The monitor offers two-way radio and even allows you to play a lullaby to your child. 
  • HelloBaby Monitor HB65This monitor is great for infants up to small children as you can easily control the angle of the camera by remote. Though it is closer to $100, it is one of the best offered by Hello Baby. 
  • HelloBaby Monitor HB6550This is the most expensive monitor offered by the brand, but also the highest quality. The camera features a unique invisible infrared LED that offers night vision without disturbing your child. 

You can learn more about each of the Hello Baby monitors on the company’s website. The monitors are also sold on several major retail sites. 

Which Hello Baby Monitor Offers the Best Battery Life? 

When you purchase a baby monitor to keep your child safe, you need it to last for as long as possible. The Hello Baby monitors rate highly amongst other brands when it comes to battery life. In fact, they are some of the longest-lasting monitors on the market today. 

The Hello Baby HB65 and HB6550 are the longest-lasting monitors offered by the brand. While the company only guarantees their battery for 6 hours without charging, they can last much longer. In fact, real-life studies have shown regular use for over 14 hours without charging. 

Can You Extend the Battery Life on Hello Baby Monitors? 

As mentioned, the battery life of your baby monitor is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. While the Hello Baby monitors are some of the longest-lasting, they can be improved with a few simple steps. Keeping these things in mind can take your monitor from a 6 or 7-hour lifespan to 12 or more. 

Some ways you can improve your baby monitors battery life are:

  • Use the Voice Activation Standby Mode – You can put the monitor into a standby mode that allows it to only turn on when activated by sound. The monitors come with quality microphones built in that can hear practically anything in the room. However, it will only alert to your baby crying or other alerting sounds, lowering false alarms. 
  • Plug in the Monitor – The best way to ensure your monitor will last all night is to simply plug it in. The device comes with a power cable that easily plugs into your wall socket. While you may want to take the base station around your home during nap time, you can easily plug it in for the night. 

While the Hello Baby monitors offer a pretty impressive battery life on their own, following the previously mentioned tips can extend this. 

Keep Your Baby Safe with Hello Baby Monitors

Never question your child’s safety again with a quality monitor from Hello Baby. These baby monitors offer all the features you need to keep a close eye on your baby while also offering the bonus features you love. Not only are these monitors high quality, but they are also offered at a reasonable price and feature long-lasting battery power.

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