Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Indoor Cam? What’s the Difference?

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We all want to ensure that our homes are as safe as possible. With cameras inside and out, homeowners can easily spot anything that goes wrong. Ring offers some of the best, most affordable home security cameras, two of the most popular being the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam. The only question is, what’s the difference between the two? 

The biggest difference between the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam is that the Indoor Cam is meant for indoor use, while the Stick Up Cam can be used both indoors and outdoors. Other differences include the power supply, operating temperatures, and audio and video quality. 

Below, we will discuss these differences in more detail. Keep reading to decide which Ring camera is best for you!

Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Indoor Cam 

Both the Stick Up Cam and Indoor Cam are made by Ring, a manufacturer known for making great home surveillance products. This company is owned by Amazon, so all their products are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. But, these cameras do have a few key differences to consider. Some of these include: 

  • The optimal location
  • Power options
  • Field of vision 
  • Video and sound quality 
  • Operating temperatures

Below, we’ll discuss all the differences between these two devices in terms of the items listed above.

 The Optimal Location

The biggest difference between these two cameras is their ideal locations. As the name implies, the Ring Indoor Cam is only made for use inside the home. It was created to ensure everything is running smoothly indoors and to check on your family or pets when you are away. 

On the other hand, the Ring Stick Up Cam is much more versatile. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you a wide range of options as to where you’d like to place the camera. It even gives you the option of moving it later on. 

Power Options 

Because the Ring Indoor Cam is only made for indoor use, it can only be powered through an electrical outlet. Since the Ring Stick Up Cam can be placed indoors or outdoors, it’s likely that it will be placed in an area where no plug-in power source is available. For this reason, you have the option of using a battery pack, electrical cord, or even solar power to run the camera. 

Field of Vision 

The Ring Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam are very similar in terms of their field of vision, but there are a few small differences. The Ring Indoor Cam offers a slightly better horizontal field of vision, with a 115-degree view of the area. The Stick Up Cam offers a 110-degree horizontal field of view.

Regarding their vertical field of view, the cameras are even more similar. The Stick Up Cam offers a 57-degree vertical field of view, while the Indoor Cam offers a 60-degree vertical field of view. 

Video and Sound Quality 

Both the Indoor Cam and the Stick Up Cam offer a high-quality video compared to other cameras in their price range. However, the Stick Up Cam comes out in front. 

The Stick Up Cam not only offers a better video quality, but it also offers better sound. In fact, the Indoor Cam’s audio can sound slightly muffled when you listen to video recordings.

Operating Temperatures

Each camera’s intended location affects the temperatures it can functionally operate within. Since the Stick Up Cam was created for both indoor and outdoor use, it has a wider range of temperatures at which it will still work in optimal conditions. Since the Indoor Cam is meant to be used indoors, it’s a much more sensitive product when it comes to operating temperatures.

Which Camera is More Affordable: The Stick Up Cam or The Indoor Cam?

Since the Stick Up Cam is much more versatile, it is no surprise that it comes at a higher price than the Ring Indoor Cam. However, both of these cameras have a few different options for you to choose from, so the key is to prioritize the things most important to you. But, compared to many other home camera systems, Ring offers great value for your money. 

Concluding Thoughts

The Ring Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam both come from a great manufacturer. However, there are a few things to consider before deciding between the two devices.

The main difference is that the Indoor Cam can only work inside the home, and the Ring Stick Up Cam allows for both indoor and outdoor use. If your budget is a big factor, you may be interested to hear that the Stick Up Cam also comes at a higher price. 

Make sure to compare the features included on both cameras before making a final decision. Consider where you will place the camera, as well as your household’s security needs.

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