Can Ring Indoor Cam Be Used in a Garage?

Interior of garageInterior of garage

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Safety is the main concern in many of our minds. But, it is impossible to have eyes across your home without cameras installed. Having a camera installed in your garage can be crucial if you regularly get deliveries dropped there or just want to ensure everything inside your garage stays safe and secure. Can a Ring Indoor Cam be used in a garage?

Generally, whether or not you can use a Ring Indoor Cam in your garage depends on the temperature inside your garage and if you have an outlet to plug it into. If your garage is insulated and has power, the Ring Indoor Cam could be a great solution to ensure your garage’s safety. 

There are a few things to consider before you install a Ring Indoor Cam in your garage. Keep reading to learn more and decide if the Ring Indoor Cam is the right device for you! 

Can I Install a Ring Indoor Cam in My Garage? 

Whether or not your Ring Indoor Cam can be installed in your garage depends on the conditions inside your garage. Ring has created a few different cameras to keep your home safe inside and out. However, this one was designed as an indoor camera and cannot withstand harsh elements. Some things to consider before you set up your Indoor Cam in the garage include: 

  • The temperature
  • The power options
  • Video and sound quality 
  • Where it can be mounted 

Considering these items will ensure you don’t install the camera in your garage just for it to become damaged due to the conditions inside. 

The Temperature Inside the Garage 

Temperature is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to using your Ring Indoor Cam inside your garage. This camera was created to be used inside the home. Therefore, it does not have a massive range of temperatures at which it will still function optimally.

If you have a well-insulated garage, the temperature should not prevent you from installing your Indoor Cam there. However, if your garage gets very hot in the summer or very cold in the winter, the camera could eventually become damaged due to extreme temperatures. Even if it does continue to work, it might begin to have temperature-related operating issues. 

The Power Options Inside the Garage 

The Ring Indoor Cam is made for indoor use, where there are a lot of electrical outlets to plug the device into. Because of this, the Indoor Cam cannot run off battery power. It needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to function. 

If you have electrical outlets in your garage, you can likely install the Indoor Cam without any issues. Just be sure there’s an outlet close enough to where you want to mount it.

Video and Sound Quality 

While the Ring Indoor Cam offers excellent video quality, the sound quality does leave something to be desired. Since garages tend to have more echoes and lower sound quality than the rest of the house, it may not be the best choice if you need strong audio and video quality.

Where It Can Be Mounted

The Ring Indoor Cam can be mounted on most smooth surfaces and walls. As long as your garage has a flat surface or sturdy wall where you can mount the camera, it should work. However, mounting could become an issue if your walls are rough or untreated. 

Garage-Appropriate Alternatives to the Ring Indoor Cam

If the Ring Indoor Cam does not work for your garage, a different type of Ring camera may be a better option. The Ring Stick Up Cam is made for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning it can handle a much wider range of temperatures. If your garage gets too hot or cold for the Ring Indoor Cam, this is a great alternative. 

The Stick Up Cam also comes with three different power options:

  • Electrical power
  • Battery power
  • Solar power

While the solar power option probably will not be feasible inside the garage, the battery power option could be helpful if there are no outlets nearby. The downside to this option is that the Ring Stick Up Cam is a lot more expensive than the Indoor Cam. But, to ensure your camera functions well for years to come, it might be worth the slightly higher price tag. 

Using Your Ring Indoor Cam in Your Garage 

Users trust Ring cameras to keep their homes safe. Additionally, the right product can help keep your garage safe. As long as your garage is properly-insulated, has electrical outlets available, and offers a smooth mounting surface, the Ring Indoor Cam could be the perfect choice to protect everything you store in the garage. 

The Stick Up Cam may be a better choice if the Indoor Cam doesn’t seem like the best option for your garage. Consider all the factors listed above before making a final decision.

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