Can You Mount Ring Stick Up Cam Upside Down or Sideways?

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Ring has a varied line of home security products that one can use to monitor their house. From their popular Ring video doorbell to their new Ring Stick Up Cam, Ring seems to have every base covered for home security. So with the new Ring Stick Up Cam, you may wonder if it can be mounted upside down or sideways, as this can give more angles to the camera.

As a whole, you can mount the Ring Stick Up Cam sideways and upside down. To do this, you would need to buy the add-on mount for the Ring Stick Up Cam.

The mount and the tools required for mounting can be found here.

With the ability to mount the Ring Stick Up Cam the way one desires, the next thing someone may look for is if the device is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa service. For more information on this, continue reading this article.

Which Ring Camera Is Better For The Price?

When it comes to home security cameras, people want to get the best bang for their buck. With all the options that Ring has for security cameras, it comes down to which camera can meet all your needs and how much it will cost. Whether you are just looking for the cheapest camera or the camera that suits all your needs, it will be essential to review everything about the camera.

While both the Ring Indoor Camera and the Ring Stick Up Cam have some similar features, they also have different features. Here is a table of some of the most notable things about both devices:

SpecificationsRing Indoor CamRing Stick Up Cam
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Two-way talkYesYes
Motion-activated alertsYesYes
Wall mountableYes, when you detach the base and mount it to the camera’s back.Yes, with additional tools that are sold separately
Alexa connectivityYesYes
On-demand videoYesYes
Indoor/outdoor useIndoor use onlyCan be used both indoors and outdoors
Battery-powered/wiredPlug-in onlyOption to buy battery-powered version or wired version

With all the information of two of the best Ring cameras on the market covered, one can make a more informed decision on which one is best for them. But what if someone wants to know if they need a Ring subscription to use their cameras? Keep reading to find out the answer to that question.

Do I Need To Purchase A Ring Subscription To Use My Ring Stick Up Cam

After getting the Ring Stick Up Cam, the worst thing that could happen is to find out you can’t use it without a service plan. No one likes to buy something only to find out that they have to buy something else to make their device work the way they want it to. 

Things like this can lead to frustration with some people. So will you need a subscription to use the newly purchased Ring Stick Up Cam?

To be able to use all the functions of the Ring Stick Up Cam, you will need to purchase the Ring subscription service. 

Things like live video, instant alerts, and two-way talk can still be used without the subscription service, but for the best features, like video recording for all cameras and 24/7 professional monitoring, the Ring subscription is required.

Can I Use Alexa With My Ring Stick Up Cam

Connectivity with smart devices is growing as the world of technology advances. It can even sometimes be a selling point for some people. The reason for this is people rely more on the connectivity of their smart devices every day now. Someone with a Ring Stick Up Cam might wonder if their device can connect to Alexa if they are looking for connectivity out of their device.

When paired with an Alexa device, you can use the Ring Stick Up Cam with Alexa. This will require the Alexa app and the enabling of the Ring skill from the Alexa app. You will also need to sign into their Ring account to link their Ring Stick Up Cam to the Alexa app.

Having the ability to use Alexa with the Ring Stick Up Cam offers added convenience for the device. However, for people looking for which Ring device to get for the price they will have to pay, we will discuss that in the next section.


The Ring Stick Up Cam can be mounted anywhere you need it with the right additional tools. One can still use the camera without having to pay for a subscription. But for those that want to get the added protection that comes with the subscription, one can always purchase it.

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