Can the Ring Stick Up Cam Get Wet? (And Clever Ways to Protect it)

A window with rain on it with blurry lights in the background.A window with rain on it with blurry lights in the background.

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Ring has been becoming an increasingly popular name in home security.  It comes as no surprise that Ring has released a new security camera to add to their already successful lineup. The Stick Up Cam is the latest addition to home surveillance indoors and outdoors, but is it okay with rain even if you use it outdoors?

The Ring Stick Up Cam can get wet. Since it is weather-resistant, you can put one of these outside without worrying about water damage. You may install it in an area where there’s a lot of rain or moisture. There are things you can do to prevent rain drops from ruining your recording.

The Ring Stick Up Cam won’t rust or corrode if it gets wet and deals well with condensation.  It’s IP65 compliant, which means the camera can withstand heavy rains. A few droplets won’t do any harm to your camera at all. However, you may want to protect it from full-on storms or extreme weather conditions.

Installing Your Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a wonderful camera and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can install it in several ways and places to fit your needs and have optimal surveillance. The most popular place to install the Ring Stick Up Cam is under an awning outside where you can have a good view of the surroundings. Other places where you can install it are:

  1. Install it on an outside wall. The best location is one where the camera has a clear view of the yard or street below from a high position. This will help capture video when there’s movement in your backyard, driveway, front gate, and any other areas you want protected by your Ring Stick Up Cam.
  2. Mount it on your fence or garden shed If you’ve got an unmoving object outdoors like this, putting up your Stick Up Cam won’t be a problem at all!
  3. Set it up indoors. It’s possible to mount it almost anywhere inside or around the home, and it will function perfectly fine when installed there. You could even choose to install several of them in strategic places! 

When you install the Ring Stick Up Cam, keep in mind that you can have it on a flat surface or mounted to a wall with the basic components. If you’d like to hang it from a ceiling, you must buy the appropriate adapter separately. Here’s a great video showing how to install the battery camera.

If you’re installing the Ring Stick Up Cam outdoors, you will have to use the outdoor outlet adapter to prevent any shocks or damage to the camera.

Video Quality in the Rain

The video quality of the Ring Stick Up Cam is outstanding. When using it normally, there are no problems getting a clear picture at night or even in low-light environments. This makes it possible to get a great shot of just about anything!

If the camera lens gets wet, however, it can affect the picture quality! If you notice any issues with camera operation after rain, snow, or excessive humidity exposure (and make sure to check all cameras on your property), then take action immediately. 

There are several methods available to protect your camera lens from getting wet, whether it’s preliminary cleaning or using some form of protective method.

Protecting Your Ring Stick Up Cam from Rain

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a fantastic option for home surveillance because it is durable indoors and outdoors. It can get wet without ruining the camera, but there are still ways to protect the quality of the video from when it does rain. 

To avoid water droplets on your cam’s lens, wipe them off with a dry cloth or paper towel, then use compressed air to clean out any dust particles before turning them back on. You should also make sure that you don’t place your device in an area where it will be exposed to high levels of humidity, such as near showers, pools, or ponds. 

Here are a few additional ways you can protect your Ring Stick Up Cam from water damage:

  • Use a silicone cover to wrap your Ring Stick Up Cam in. It will prevent water from getting inside while still recording. This doesn’t protect the lens, though.
  • Use a silicone cover with a roof for your camera, such as the Holaca one. This is a silicone protective covering that also has a roof on top of it to protect water droplets from getting inside of it.
  • Hiding your camera inside of a flower pot that’s covered or a hollow rock with holes for the camera lens are also great options to protect it from the rain. Keep in mind that even though the Ring Stick Up Cam is water-proof, it doesn’t mean that it will survive submersion.


Now that you know the Ring Stick Up Cam is a durable camera, it’s time to think about how you want to protect its quality when it rains. The best solution may be investing in some weatherproofing and using the cam only outdoors or finding an alternative rain-resistant camera for indoor use.

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