All Ring Stick Up Cam Generations (And Best Value)


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Ring now has three generations of stick up cams that have been sold on the market the past few years. Each camera holds its own unique characteristics that make it different from the previous generation.

The main difference in the generations of Ring Cam’s is how they receive power to the camera along with their size and features available.

Ring has altered their ways that the camera can receive power, giving you the option of solar, battery, or wired to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at the different generations and go over some of the capabilities that the cameras hold.

1st Generation Ring Stick Up Cam

First off, if you are unfamiliar with the Ring Camera lineup, it is a camera that is able to alert you of any motion detected, straight to your mobile device. This is mainly used in the area of security for businesses and homes.

Here are some things you can expect out of using a 1st Generating Ring Stick Up Cam:

  • Ring Cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, giving customers various options on how they want to monitor an area.
  • The 1st generation Ring Stick Up Cam includes an internal battery, a USB cable, and a solar panel as the options for receiving power.
  • Video resolution of the 1st generation Ring Stick Up Cam comes in at 720p and can connect to a 2.4GHz wireless network.
  • It’s advanced motion detection can be adjusted based on sensitivity and can monitor specific zones that are of high interest to the customer.

Unfortunately this generation of Ring Cam is no longer available on Ring’s website, due to the newer generations being released. If you would like to learn more about Ring, check out this article.

2nd Generation Ring Stick Up Cam

The 2nd generation Ring Cam has some differences from the 1st generation. The 2nd generation includes a range extender to extend the reach of your Ring alarm. This wasn’t included with the 1st generation.

Here are some things you can expect out of using a 2nd Generating Ring Stick Up Cam:

  • They provide the same level of security, but they redesigned the look and feel of the camera itself.
  • This generation includes a keypad built in where you can alert authorities by pushing the button for 3 seconds as a feature.
  • The contact sensor is smaller and contains 2 coin cell batteries, making the camera more compact.
  • The motion detection has been touted to be improved, and improvement in the mounting procedure has also been noted by customers.
  • You can mix and match 1st generation with 2nd generation Stick Up Cams with your base station if you have bought one of the newer cameras.
  • This camera has an improved battery so you can place it in areas that might not have a connection. This battery is rechargeable.
  • This generation of camera has improved video quality along with it also, giving you full 1080p HD video.

Now, let’s look at the 3rd generation.

3rd Generation Ring Stick Up Cam

This camera has some awesome new features that weren’t included in previous generations.

This cam includes a night vision feature, previously not included. It has a wide viewing angle with multiple power options, the main one being wired.

This camera uses a power outlet for its main source of power, unlike the battery and solar versions that were previous to it. There is however a Quick Release Battery Pack available for it for backup power.

This camera also has 1080p video recording along with 2-way audio to pick up any sound you may want to record. System requirements on this camera as far as hooking it up with your phone requires iOS 12 or Android 6.0 to be compatible with the application.

Best Value of Ring Stick Up Cam

Being that the first generation of Stick Up Cam is no longer available on the market, you really only have the second and third generation to choose from for your recording needs.

The price point is very similar in all Ring models, so the main difference is the features that the individual cameras hold. The earlier generations of Ring Stick Up Cam have lesser quality video and come without sound options and night vision. If these are features that you are interested in, the best value is going to lie with what you need in a camera.

The Ring Stick Up Cam 3rd generation is around $99 at the present time and is a great value compared to some other brands on the market.


As you can see, the main differences in Ring Stick Up Cam generations are the quality, size, and power options available in each individual camera.

The first generation camera will be hard to come by to purchase it, but if you do have an older model cam, all the generations can be used together in your home or office security system setup. They made them all compatible.

Hopefully this gave you a quick rundown of the differences in the generations of Ring Stick Up Cam and guided you in the right direction for any purchase you may make or questions you may have had regarding the different models capabilities.

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