Is Eufy a Good Brand? (Why You Should Trust Them But Beware)

List of Eufy doorbells from websiteList of Eufy doorbells from website

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Within the last few years, the smart home security industry has boomed. Ring, Arlo, and Google Nest are constantly releasing new products that are designed to monitor residences. Eufy, which is owned by Anker Innovations, is an emerging home security company that seeks to give users the ability to customize their device’s settings. But is it a good brand for smart home security? 

Eufy is considered to be a good brand. Users on online forums are typically satisfied with their purchases, and the Eufy doorbell has good reviews on Amazon. Since its release within the last couple of years, homeowners have enjoyed its strong Wi-Fi connection and its easy-to-use app.

Eufy is one of the few smart home security systems that does not require a monthly subscription. While users can opt to pay for additional features, it is not necessary to access its suite of options. Read on to learn more about Eufy and whether its products could meet your home security needs.

High Recording Resolution

Eufy’s recordings are crystal clear in comparison to its competitors. It comes with 2560×1920 high-definition resolution. What does this mean?

Images are comprised of tiny squares called pixels. The more pixels that make up an image, the more detailed it will be.

The Ring doorbell only comes with 1080 pixels. Arlo’s model also only comes with 1080 pixels. This gives Eufy an advantage when it comes to delivering clear, quality images. You won’t have to squint to see who (or what) is at your front door.

Eufy Has Facial Recognition Software

Eufy’s doorbell makes use of artificial intelligence (AI). To put it simply, this allows your doorbell to make decisions as a human would.

Eufy’s AI allows it to discern between human faces and non-human moving objects. You may only want to be alerted to an event if it involves another person on your property.

When you activate this feature, you will not be alerted to moving cars, stray cats, and other things that do not pose a security risk. At night, the device will also change to “All Motion,” which will alert you to anything captured by the motion detector. However, you can manage this within the app.

In comparison, Ring does not have this feature. Arlo does have some level of human recognition software, but you have to pay extra money for this feature. Only Eufy includes this feature free of charge. 

Long Battery Life

On Eufy’s community message board, users have commented that they are pleased with how long it takes for the Eufy doorbell to recharge. It can be charged within six hours of being connected to a micro-USB cable.

In contrast:

  • The Ring doorbell takes anywhere from five to 10 hours to charge fully.
  • Arlo’s doorbell reaches 100 percent charge within two hours; however, it may need to be charged more often depending on its location.

The Eufy doorbell only needs to be charged once every four months––and even then, the device can last much longer if it is not placed in a high-traffic area.

Cons of Eufy’s Smart Home Security Line

Eufy is committed to customer satisfaction. As their user base expands, they constantly gather feedback to better their line of products and services. Here are some things that Eufy will likely improve upon in the future—although they’re not quite there yet:

The Eufy Doorbell Requires Internet

If your Eufy doorbell is not connected to the internet, then you will not be able to access its full range of services. This means that:

  • You will not get notifications.
  • You will be unable to view real-time footage.
  • The motion sensor will not be activated when there is movement in a certain zone.

Without a solid internet connection, the Eufy doorbell will act as a traditional, mechanical doorbell. You cannot connect it to your phone’s hotspot, either. This is because Eufy’s doorbell requires its Homebase to be connected to a router through an ethernet cable.

You can connect Ring’s line of products solely using your phone’s mobile hotspot. You can do this for Arlo as well, but you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi extender.

Eufy Only Keeps Recordings for a Limited Time

To save memory, the Eufy doorbell only keeps recordings for up to five days. This is a stark contrast from the Ring doorbell, which can hold data for up to 60 days; Arlo stores recordings for up to 30 days. After these respective periods, data is automatically erased to make room for more footage.

If you want to have your Eufy doorbell record and store more data, you may need to purchase a subscription. You can select either the basic or premier plan. However, this subscription is purely optional. You do not need it to maintain a functioning smart home security system.

Final Thoughts

On Amazon, the Eufy doorbell has 4.5 stars based on testimonies from over 7,800 users. Homeowners praised the device’s ability to capture high-quality recordings and commended its ability to discern between possible intrusions and “false alarms.”

Only you can decide for yourself whether Eufy is a good brand, regardless if you opt for their doorbell or indoor cameras. As the brand grows, Eufy will likely expand on its products’ strengths and improve on its weaknesses.

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