How Much Local Storage Does the Eufy Doorbell Have? Can It Be Increased?

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Eufy cameras are gaining popularity because their devices avoid privacy violations by keeping everything local. There is no demand for a cloud subscription, and an AES 256-bit data encryption covers your storage. But how much storage is available with the Eufy Doorbell?

The original, wired Eufy doorbell comes with 4GB of built-in storage, while the newer battery version can be increased up to 128GB via a microSD card. There’s no way to expand the storage of the wired doorbell, but you can delete old and unnecessary footage and purchase a cloud storage subscription.

The Eufy Doorbell battery version doesn’t come with built-in storage. That part is relegated to the Homebase that comes with it. However, it has a microSD slot to expand the storage capabilities up to 128GB. As with the wired doorbell, you control what footage is kept using the Eufy Security App on either Android devices or Apple iOS.

Is 4GB Enough Local Storage for Wired Eufy Doorbell?

4GB doesn’t sound like a lot, especially with data consumption—thanks to higher resolutions and increasing features—rising steadily over the past decade. However, Eufy claims that the wired Eufy Doorbell has enough storage to last an entire month. For the most part, this is true. After installation, a newly activated, wired Eufy doorbell doesn’t record in 2k resolution by default.

The reason behind this is that higher resolutions are an obvious drain on limited storage. The default setting is 1600 x 1200 resolution, which you have to change in the settings.

According to Anker, the wired Eufy Video Doorbell supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However, neither of these is an alternative storage option. There are tentative talks about impending support for Eufy Homebase and RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol), but nothing is confirmed.

You may also consider going with the $3.00/month subscription that will add the option of cloud storage. However, if you’re looking to keep your storage local, that is probably not an option.

Disadvantages of Eufy Wired Doorbell Storage

The wired Eufy Video Doorbell is similar in form and function to many of its cousin competitors. However, the recordings can only be retrieved directly from the device. In other words, a thief could happily meander in and out of your front door all day. So long as he rips the Eufy Doorbell Camera from the door frame and takes it with him, all evidence of his activity is gone.

Of course, it’s not likely a thief would know that the storage is located in the doorbell, but knowing all of your evidence is within reach of anyone who approaches your door isn’t comforting.

Anker has been very quiet about the possibility of future upgrades or devices to expand local storage. Internet searches aren’t very revealing outside of service reps posting vague assurances on customer service sites.

Last year, the Eufy Doorbell did get a boost with the addition of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. While there is no extra data shortage, it does prove that Anker isn’t leaving the wired doorbell version behind.

Eufy Battery Video Doorbell Local Storage

Essentially the same video doorbell, except it runs on a battery with a six-month life cycle, has expandable storage up to 128GB, and it supports Eufy Homebase.

Anker claims—with the wired, 4GB version—that if your doorbell records 30 alerts at 30 seconds apiece, it will take a month to fill up 4 gigabytes of storage. With 128GB, at the same default resolution, you will get 32 months of storage.

The battery version of the Eufy Doorbell comes with Homebase, which has 16GB of built-in storage. With the addition of the microSD slot for expandable storage, getting shorted on available space should never be an issue, regardless of resolution.

Also, the Eufy Battery Doorbell has the same level of AES, 256-bit data encryption, so you can rest assured that your local storage is secured.

Final Thoughts

The Eufy Wired Video Doorbell isn’t necessarily constructed to only 4GB of storage, but you’ll have to purchase a cloud subscription if you want more. The battery version is both expandable and comes with four times the built-in storage via Homebase.

While there is no local storage expansion for the Eufy Wired Doorbell, the cloud remains an option, albeit one that potentially sacrifices your privacy.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want, how much you expect to use, and what devices are supported. If you’re looking for something expandable, with plenty of out-of-the-box storage, then the Eufy Battery Video Doorbell is the one for you.

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