How to Turn Off the Eufy Camera Alarm


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The EufyCam security system is placed in specific areas outside the house to monitor and record what goes on when you’re not around. So, for example, the EufyCam alarm goes off when it detects a burglar; it alerts you of a potential threat to your home. But how can you do that in a situation whereby you need to turn off the alarm after the intruder has run off?

The EufyCam alarm does not turn itself off after it has gone off. So if you do not turn it off, it’ll keep blaring till you do. To turn off the alarm, you’ll need to log in to your Eufy app and follow some easy steps.

If you’re getting the EufyCam for the first time, this article will come in handy for you when you want to set up your camera. You’ll also find some of the advantages of owning a EufyCam security system. So let us get right into it.

How to Turn Off the EufyCam Alarm

If you don’t know how to turn off the alarm, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Eufy app on your phone.
  2. At the bottom corner of your screen, you’ll see the following options Events, Explore, Security, and Devices.
  3. Click on Security and go to Alarm Settings.
  4. You’ll see an option that says On/Off.
  5. Click on Off to turn off the alarm.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the Eufy camera’s capabilities. Now, let’s look at some advantages of using EufyCam.

Advantages of Using EufyCam

Using the EufyCam security system for your home is a good and secure investment in home security. EufyCams are affordable and have many smart features to guarantee your safety and convenience when controlling your activities.

Some of the features that make it stand out are as follows.

Video Quality

One stand-out feature of the EufyCam is the video quality. With a 1080p camera quality, you can clearly see the face of a burglar even if they’re far away from the camera, and you can closely monitor the activities they’re carrying out on your porch.

Facial Recognition

The EufyCam takes this feature to a whole new level. You can set the device to register and recognize your and your loved ones’ faces so that the alarm doesn’t go off when they appear on the camera. This reduces the frequency of the alarm going off anytime someone is at your door. It will only go off if it does not recognize the face.

Superb Battery Life

EufyCams come with reliable and robust Lithium batteries. Your Eufy can last up to a year after a full charge when working moderately. So you don’t have to worry about your home security and whether the batteries will run out even if you’re away on vacation. 

App Control Feature

Another cool feature is the app controls. Eufy has a very easy-to-navigate interface where you can get full access to the security camera through your smartphone. In addition, the Eufy app is straightforward to install and link, and you can remotely monitor your cameras once you’ve completed the easy setup procedures on your phone. 

The Eufy camera is fitted with a mic and speaker, so you can also initiate a 2-way communication using the camera.

Home Automation Options

Eufy can be integrated with some of the best innovative home systems you can find, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit smart home integration. This feature makes the Eufy very sought after because most of its competitors are restricted to only one or two smart home systems. 

Easy Installation

Installing Eufy cameras can be easy and straight to the point. You can install yours by yourself in no time. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the manual, and in no time, you will be done with the setup. However, if you find installing difficult, kindly contact professional installation services to assist you as Eufy does not provide installation services.


The EufyCam has a HomeBase equipped with a 16GB storage card that can save over three months of motion and sound footage when activated. If you require more extended storage options or continuous recording, you will need to have a cloud account and be on a storage plan.


Eufy security cameras are arguably the best home security cameras available. These cameras are equipped with many features like the alarm system for improved home security. For example, your EufyCam will let off a loud sounding alarm if it picks up motions in front of your house. The sound of the alarm will not only send the burglar away, but it will also keep going off until you stop it.

This article touched on how you can disable your alarm system from the Eufy app. Follow the process to turn your alarm off the next time it goes off.

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