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How to Download Tubi on an LG Smart TV

Last Updated Dec 3, 2022
lg smart tv tubi watch streaming app download

Of all the streaming services you could choose from, Tubi is probably the best in terms of offering an extensive library of content for free. But what if you have an LG Smart TV? Can you download Tubi?

You can download Tubi on an LG Smart TV by doing the following:

  • Open the LG store.
  • Locate the Tubi app.
  • Install Tubi and open.

Or, you can opt to watch Tubi on your LG Smart via the Tubi app on another device then casting to your TV.

Absolutely! In this article, we will show you how to download Tubi on any LG Smart TV in mere minutes. We’ll start with the easiest method and then supply a secondary option you can also use if necessary.

How to Download Tubi on an LG Smart TV

To watch Tubi’s content on your TV, you have to options. You can either download the app to your LG Smart TV or cast from your device to the TV.

To download Tubi on your LG Smart TV:

  1. Locate and open the LG store.
  2. Find the Tubi app.
  3. Choose the option to install the Tubi app.
  4. Open Tubi.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to watch Tubi content on your LG Smart TV… for free! How exciting is that?!

Open the LG Content Store

In order to watch Tubi on your LG Smart TV, you’re going to need to download its app, which is thankfully available within its content store.

To access the LG Content Store, you’ll want to start at your TV’s home menu (you can get here quickly by selecting the home button on your remote control) and then navigate through the menu bar until you see the LG Content Store icon (appears as a white shopping bag in a pink banner).

Once you select and open the LG Content Store, you should see listings of popular movies, television shows, and other entertainment options available for you to access for free or through purchase.

Find the Tubi Application

Now that you’re inside the LG Content Store, you can locate the Tubi application. Start by opening the apps tab in the top menu.

From here, the easiest option would be to type “Tubi” into the app’s search bar, but you can also browse the store’s entire list of available applications for it as well.

If Tubi does not appear after you search for it, then the app might not be accessible on your specific LG Smart TV model, or it is unavailable in your country. In this case, you might want to try the alternative method we discuss later instead.

Install and Open the Tubi Application                                    

Hopefully, you were able to locate the Tubi application without issue. Once you’ve done this, select the “Install” button to start the installation process.

When your LG Smart TV indicates that the installation process is complete, you can go back to your home screen and find you’re newly downloaded Tubi app.

All that’s left to do now is to open the Tubi app and start streaming!

As we mentioned previously, this streaming service offers its content completely free of charge (they won’t even ask you to enter a credit card), so you can browse its library without worrying about hidden fees.

The only trade-off here is that you’ll have to endure a few ad breaks while your show or movie is streaming.

Alternative Method for Watching Tubi on an LG Smart TV

Most LG Smart TV models will allow you to install and download the Tubi application directly on the TV without issue.

However, there are the occasional models that don’t allow this, as well as some countries where Tubi is unavailable. If this applies to you, don’t hang your head in defeat just yet.

There is an alternative way to stream Tubi’s content on your LG Smart TV with the help of an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

This process entails downloading and installing the Tubi application on your chosen device and then connecting your device to your LG Smart TV so you can see what you’re streaming on its larger screen.

The first step is to open your device’s application store and search for Tubi. Once you find it, download the application and open it when the process is complete.

Next, you’ll want to confirm that both your mobile device and your LG Smart TV are on the same wireless network.

You can alter this in the general settings menu for both parties. How you progress from here will depend on the type of device you’re using.

Setting Up AirPlay and Screen Mirroring

If you’re using an Apple device, then you’re going to set up a shared connection via AirPlay. To do this, go to the home screen and navigate to the home dashboard on the menu.

This should open a small white menu above the standard menu. Click to open the dashboard menu and select the “AirPlay” option.

The next screen will show a code unique to your LG Smart TV’s AirPlay account.

To progress, select the “AirPlay & HomeKit Settings” option. In this menu, you’ll want to confirm that AirPlay is on and then open the “Require Code” menu.

Lastly, open the quick menu on your Apple device and select the “Screen Mirroring” setting.

You should see the same unique code appear for your LG Smart TV within the available devices. Select your TV and then enter the AirPlay passcode that appears on your LG Smart TV’s screen and press “Ok.”

After the two devices have taken a moment to connect, you should see your LG Smart TV mirroring your device’s screen.

Now, you’ll open the Tubi application on your mobile device and start streaming. When you’re done, simply open the screen mirroring menu again and select “stop mirroring.”

Those of you who own Android devices instead of Apple won’t be able to utilize the AirPlay feature, but you might be able to share your device’s screen using third-party applications like:

  • LocalCastr
  • iMediaShare
  • AirSync
  • AllCast

Unfortunately, this process will be a bit more complicated and time-consuming.

A viable alternative would be to open Tubi on a laptop or tablet and then connect your device to your LG Smart TV via HDMI cable.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, downloading Tubi onto your Smart LG TV is a simple process you can perform within five minutes.

If you have to use one of the alternative methods, it might take a bit more time, but the results will be the same.

The only true obstacle here would be if you don’t have an alternative device and you find that the Tubi app isn’t available on your TV model or in your country, in which case, there isn’t much you can do.