Why Won’t My LG TV Connect to WiFi?

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It seems like it should be easy, but your LG TV won’t connect to the WiFi for some reason. You plug in the ethernet cable and boom- instant connection! But when you unplug that cable and try to use WiFi, you’re completely out of luck. What gives?

Your LG TV may not be connecting to WiFi because of a few different reasons. For example, you may be experiencing interference from other devices, your software may be outdated, or maybe you just need to update the settings on your router! 

So you just got a new LG TV, and it won’t connect to your WiFi? You’re not alone. This is a common problem for many people, but we’ve found the solution! This blog post will walk you through how to get your TV connected and let you enjoy all of its features without any hassle. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

How Do I Get My LG TV to Connect to WiFi?

LG TVs are great for watching TV and movies. But if you can’t connect to WiFi, then they become pretty useless. For most LG TVs, the WiFi connection is built-in, and you just need to turn it on with a few clicks of your remote control. 

However, some require an external adapter or router, which makes things more complicated. So, if your LG TV is not connecting to WiFi or has trouble staying connected, the first thing you need to do is to troubleshoot your internet connection.

However, before you begin troubleshooting, LG recommends restarting all your devices (even the ones that are working just fine). This trick works like magic more often than not, and you won’t need to do anything else. But if it doesn’t work, follow the steps below to get to the root of the problem.

Unplug Your Devices

Begin by unplugging your TV and modem/router. The order in which you unplug your devices doesn’t matter. However, don’t disconnect any ethernet cables in this step. Just make sure you unplug the power cords from the walls.

Plug in the Modem/Router > TV

Next, plug in the modem/router and wait for a connection. There should be lights indicating a connection has been established. Once you’re sure the modem or router has connected, plug in your TV.

Check for Any Objects or Appliances That May Be Causing Interference

Sometimes, objects or appliances can cause interference with your WiFi signal. If you have a wireless phone, baby monitor, smart pad, etc., make sure it isn’t near the TV and causing this problem.

Other routers on the same frequency as yours can also cause interference and slow down your WiFi. For instance, if you have a neighbor their router, that may be causing the problem. You may also experience connectivity problems if your software isn’t updated to the latest firmware.

The authentication type of your router is another problem that can cause your WiFi to disconnect. If the authentication type is WEP, change it if possible.

Turn Off the QuickStart Feature

Not all LG TVs have this feature, but if yours does, it may help fix your connectivity issue to turn it off. To do so:

  • Press “Settings” on your remote
  • Select “All Settings”
  • Go to “General”
  • Select “Quick Start”
  • Turn off
  • Power cycle the TV and test to see if it can connect without any issues.

Turn Off the Simplink Feature

The Simplink feature may also be causing your connectivity issues. If it’s turned on on your TV, follow the steps below to turn it off and test the connectivity again:

  • Press “Settings” on your remote
  • Select “All Settings”
  • Go to “General”
  • Select “Simplink”
  • Turn off
  • Power cycle the TV and test to see if it can connect without any issues.

Remove USB Memories Attached to the TV

It’s possible that your USB drive may be causing the interference. Remove it and try connecting your TV again.

Check the Time Zone and Date

To ensure your time zone and date is correct:

  • Go to “Settings” on your remote control
  • Select “All settings”
  • Go to “General”
  • Choose “Time & Date”
  • Edit to the correct time and date

If this doesn’t do the trick, consider the router’s lease expiration date because that may also cause a connectivity issue.

Smart Phone Hot Spot Test

If you have a smartphone that you can use as a hot spot, try connecting your TV to the WiFi and see if it works. If not, then there is probably something wrong with the hardware of your LG Smart TV.

Hard-Line to the Modem

Try connecting your Tv directly to the router using an ethernet cable. If it works, you know that the problem is with the wireless connectivity of your TV and not something wrong with your router or modem.

Source: LG

Wrapping Up

WiFi connectivity issues in LG TVs are common. However, in most cases, as you can see, the problem has an easy fix. If none of these methods works to resolve this issue, contact LG customer support to ask about warranty service on your device as it may need repairs. If your problem is the router, you may need to contact your internet service provider for repairs or a replacement.

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