What Size Screws Are Used to Mount a Samsung TV?

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Mounting your Samsung TV on the wall is easy — you just need the right screws to get started. So, what size screws will you need to successfully mount a Samsung TV?

What Size Screws Do I Need to Mount a Samsung TV?

To start mounting your Samsung TV to a mounting bracket, you’ll need one of three screw sizes:

  • M4
  • M6
  • M8

The size you’ll need depends on your TV’s screen size. Regardless of size, the screw’s thread pitch should be 1.25 mm, and they should be 43-45mm long to fit through the mounting holes.

Below is a breakdown of the screw sizes you will need to mount different-sized Samsung TVs to your wall:

TV Screen SizeScrew Size

Some wall mounting brackets include the screws you’ll need to mount your TV on the wall. If yours doesn’t, you can pick them up online or at a local hardware store.

You typically need four screws to mount a Samsung TV to the wall. However, this number may vary depending on your mounting bracket.

The video below is with an LG TV, but the measuring information is universal.

What Type of Mounting Bracket Can I Use for a Samsung TV?

You can use any VESA-compatible wall mount for your TV. The only thing you’ll need to make sure of is that you’re using the right size for your TV.

TV Screen SizeMinimum VESA Mount Size
19-22”100 x 100
23-29”200 x 100
30-43”200 x 200
46-75”400 x 400
Over 75”600 x 400

The Best Wall Mounts for Your Samsung TV

The best wall mount for your Samsung TV will depend heavily on the screen size. But, these are some of my favorites:

Other Ways to Mount a Samsung TV

Mounting the Samsung Frame TV

If you’re mounting a Samsung Frame TV, you’ll be happy to hear you won’t need to purchase a separate wall mount!

The Samsung Frame TV comes with a special wall mount (and all the screws you’ll need) that allows it to sit completely flat against your wall.

Mounting a Samsung TV with Legs

If you have a Samsung TV with legs, like The Serif, you might choose to mount it with the legs attached

Mounting a Samsung TV with the legs attached is a good idea for anyone worried about their TV falling off the wall, like those who live in earthquake zones. If your TV has detachable legs, the screws will be included in the box.

Mounting a Samsung TV to an Entertainment Stand

Some entertainment stands come with a built-in mount for your TV. These give you some extra security while mounting a Samsung TV.

However, if you’re mounting your TV to an entertainment stand, you’ll need to take a couple of extra precautions. Make sure the stand is strong enough to accommodate the weight of your TV and that you have the right-sized screws. 

FAQ: Samsung TV Mount Screws

Do Samsung TVs Come with Mounting Screws?

Unless your Samsung TV comes with a stand, it probably won’t come with mounting hardware. In most cases, you’ll need to purchase the mount and mounting hardware separately.  

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Size Screw to Mount a Samsung TV?

It’s essential to always use the correct screw size to mount your TV to the wall. Failing to do so could result in:

  • The TV falling off the wall
  • Damage to your TV

Can You Mount a Samsung TV Over a Fireplace?

You can mount your Samsung TV over a fireplace, but only after making sure any heat emitted from the fireplace is directed away from your TV. 

I’d only recommend mounting a TV on a mantle specifically built with TV mounting in mind.

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