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Can I Watch Multiple Channels at the Same Time on a Samsung TV?

Last Updated Jan 25, 2023
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Whether it’s football season, soccer season, or you just like watching multiple shows simultaneously, it is nice to be able to watch multiple channels at one time on your TV. So if you have a Samsung Smart TV, does it offer the function of watching multiple shows at one time? This is an important feature to be aware of before or even after purchasing the Samsung Smart TV.

It is possible to watch multiple channels at the same time on the Samsung TV. To do this, you need to use the multi-link feature on your Samsung television. This feature allows you to split the screen and watch multiple shows at one time for your viewing pleasure.

So now that you know you can watch multiple channels on your Samsung TV, it’s time to learn exactly how to make it happen. To find out the steps you need to take to watch multiple channels at one time on your Samsung TV, and more, keep reading.

How Do I Watch Multiple Channels at One Time on My Samsung TV?

To use the split-screen function on your Samsung TV, use the following steps: (Depends on Model. Year 2022 and newer.)

  • Press the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  • Select the “Picture” option on the screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Options” at the button on your screen.
  • Select “Open Multi-Link Screen.”

After completing these steps, the multi-screen function will now be activated and ready to use. Keep in mind these steps, and certain screens may look slightly different depending on which Samsung TV you have. Refer to the specific model guide or Samsung support if you have specific questions.

How Many Screens or Channels Can I View at One Time?

You can only view up to two screens with the Samsung TV split-screen feature. This allows you to watch two channels or programs at one time. More than two screens for viewing are not available at this time.

Do I Need a Samsung Phone to Mirror My Phone to My Samsung TV?

You do not need to have a Samsung mobile device to stream or mirror to your Samsung TV. You can use many different types of cellular devices to stream, including Samsung devices, Android mobile devices, iPhones, and more.

The most important component is that the phone you do have has TV mirroring capabilities, powered by bluetooth, which most smartphones now have this ability.

How Do I Mirror My Phone to My Samsung TV?

It is an option for your TV to mirror your phone, even in multi-view. This means you can stream games, apps, movies, and channels on your phone and mirror them to the TV. Keep in mind this means whatever shows on your phone screen will also show on your television.

To mirror your phone to your Samsung TV, use the Smart View / Screen Mirror option on an android device or the airplay option on an Apple device to cast onto the TV screen.

It is also an option to mirror a laptop or computer screen onto your Samsung TV device. To do so, click on the “project to a screen” feature on your laptop or computer device. Keep in mind that the computer must support the mirroring and projecting options for this to work. Check with your individual device’s manufacturer to see if this is an option.

What Devices Can I Use to Stream for Multi View?

Multiple devices can stream on your television to watch multiple shows and programs at once. On top of mirroring your phone or computer, you can also stream shows and channels from your phone and computer devices.

You can use your smartphone, computer, tablet, and many other services like Samsung TV Plus, other TV apps, etc. You can even connect devices to your TV via HDMI port and cable, you can use an antenna device, and you can connect via USB devices.

What is Samsung SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings is a new function that makes doing things around your house that much easier. With Samsung SmartThings, you can turn off your lights and even lock and unlock your door from your couch. This makes doing simple tasks that much easier so that you do not have to get up to turn the lights on or off or unlock or lock your doors.

This can be set up via a mobile app on your phone and installed so you can control the lights and doors from your phone. You download the Samsung SmartThings app and set up the devices accordingly. To do this, you need to purchase a Samsung SmartThings Wifi Hub and buy the necessary accessories as sold by Samsung. These can be purchased at BestBuy and even on Amazon Prime.

Final Thoughts

It’s official, and you’re now ready to maximize your watching abilities on your Samsung TV. Maybe there are two big games on at the same time, or maybe you just don’t feel like adulting and making a choice. Either way, if you have a Samsung TV, you don’t have to pick just one channel. With the information outlined above, you’re equipped to watch multiple channels at the same time on your Samsung TV.