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How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

Last Updated Nov 4, 2021
A man checking his phone and listening to music.

Spotify is one of the top music streaming sites and THE place to discover new artists. Music lovers everywhere are using this service to listen to old favorites and uncover new ones, but just how much data are you using when you’re streaming with Spotify?

In general, three minutes of Spotify listening uses roughly 2MB of data. If you’re listening to Spotify during an entire one hour workout, you can expect to use about 40 MB of data. However, this is all dependent on the settings devices you’re using.

Okay, this seems like a pretty straightforward answer. However, you may still have some questions that need to be answered regarding Spotify and data usage. Continue reading this article to have all your questions answered and more. All you need to know about Spotify’s data usage is coming up next.

Does Spotify Require the Use of Cellular Data?

Spotify requires the use of cellular data if not connected to a Wi-Fi connection source. Much like other music streaming and video streaming sources, Spotify can be used without the use of cellular data if connected to a Wi-Fi source.

It is best to connect to a Wi-Fi source if available. In this way, you do not have to utilize cellular data. Cellular data can be costly depending upon your phone plan and options. Make sure to consult your cellular phone plan provider to inquire about data usage and allowance. It is also an option to purchase more cellular data or an unlimited plan depending on your budget and which cellular network you are contracted with.

Does it Matter Which Device I am Streaming On?

Does the device you are listening to Spotify on making a difference when it comes to data? You may be wondering if streaming on your phone takes more data than it does to stream on your PC or gaming console.

There is a difference in devices, but it is minuscule and not worth getting into. The difference per device is not a large factor and should not be considered when streaming Spotify on them.

The biggest concern about data and listening to Spotify is whether you plan on being connected to a Wi-Fi service or not while streaming. It is the most affordable choice to connect to Wi-Fi to use Spotify. However, make sure your connection is strong and secure for the best listening experience.

Data Use by Hour

We already noted that you can expect to use right around 2 MB of data every three minutes when you’re listening to music, with default settings on a regular music streaming device. We’ve done a few calculations in the table below for quick reference, to save you a little time:

Length of Time Listening to SpotifyRough Estimate of Data Used
15 minutes10 MB
30 minutes20 MB
45 minutes30 MB

Data Use Depending on Listening Quality

The data used for Spotify can differ depending on the quality you are listening to. See the chart below to view the differences in data usage on listening quality. Make your listening quality choice depending on how much data you want to use and how often you listen to Spotify.

Check with your internet provider and cellular phone provider to check on data limit monthly usage to make the correct choice needed for your listening experience. This means that listening on Spotify is easily measurable if you keep track of how many hours you listen and how much data you should be using.

You can also check the settings in your cellular device as many devices track use and hours for you.

NormalApproximately 96 kbps
HighApproximately 160 kbps
ExtremeApproximately 302 kbps
AutomaticThe default setting that can be 96 to 302 kbps

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this information has been useful when it comes to choosing whether to stream Spotify off your devices and whether it is the best choice for you. Spotify is a great option when listening to today’s hits, streaming music, and listening to your favorite playlists offered on the platform. It offers great diversity when it comes to your music listening experience.

Spotify data usage is easy to measure if you can track how many hours you are listening and know what quality you are listening in. Check the settings on your Spotify app to see what quality you are listening to.

This means you know exactly how much data you are using if you keep track of how many hours you are streaming and listening. Hopefully, this article has been useful in your research on data usage for Spotify. Happy listening!