Apple now charging users more to replace dead iPhone, iPad, and laptop batteries

iphone on desk next to computeriphone on desk next to computer

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As of March 1st, Apple has hiked the price that they charge out-of-warranty iPhone and iPad owners to replace a dead or dying battery. The price increase is $20 across most of the spectrum of Apple’s products.

That means that the cost of getting an iPhone 14’s battery replaced has now gone to $99 from $79. iPhone X through iPhone 13 models are now $89, up from $69. For iPhone SE and older models, the cost will now be $69, where previously it was $49.

Tablet and laptop battery prices are rising too

iPads are also affected, with prices for most of the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro line rising to $119 from $99. A new battery for iPad Pro 11 inch models will cost $149, and for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro the price will be $179.

Macbooks, with larger and more expensive batteries, have it slightly worse. The price for replacing a Macbook Air battery is rising from $129 to $159, an increase of $30. And a battery replacement for the Macbook Pro, which previously cost $199, will now run you $249, a $50 hike.

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