Hubitat releases new, improved model of their local home automation hub

Hubitat C8 home automation hubHubitat C8 home automation hub

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Hubitat, the company that produces the eponymous home automation hub, has released a new model. Dubbed the C-8, it’s now available with a suggested retail price of $189.

The new model features upgraded Z-Wave 800 and Zigbee 3.0 radios which promise lower power consumption and future support for the new Matter home networking standard, and the use of USB-C for power.

More notably, the device now features external antennas for communicating with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, which offers the prospect of significantly improved range and signal strength.

Last but not least, the C8 also adds WiFi connectivity, something that users were clamoring for after the C7 model could only be connected to a home network via ethernet.

The Hubitat home automation hubs are noteworthy for the fact that they’re able to operate without access to the internet or cloud-based services, thus letting the user keep full control of their smart home without any monthly fees, privacy concerns, or security risks.

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