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Why Does My Ecobee Say “Calibrating?”

Last Updated Dec 26, 2020

If your Ecobee smart thermostat isn’t working properly, the touchscreen may tell you why. For users whose Ecobee screen says “Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled,” we have provided information about what this means.

“Calibrating” means that the Ecobee thermostat sensor is measuring the current indoor temperature. This process takes 5-20 minutes. Ecobee calibrates after it’s initially installed and any time it reboots.

You cannot use your heater or air conditioner while Ecobee is calibrating, so this can be inconvenient if your thermostat is often restarting. There are several reasons Ecobee might reboot after it’s installed. Below, we have provided information about each of these reasons and how to stop Ecobee from rebooting unnecessarily.

What It Means When Ecobee Says “Calibrating?”

Calibration helps the thermostat determine the current temperature inside your home or office. The Ecobee Thermostat measures the temperature with built-in sensors; the sensors also measure humidity and room occupancy.

In addition to the built-in sensors, you can purchase wireless sensors to place in other rooms. One Ecobee thermostat can have up to 32 connected sensors!

Note: This article has excellent tips on placing your wireless sensors to get the most accurate readings. 

Calibration After Initial Installation

Installing Ecobee is easy to do by yourself; it takes about 45 minutes. However, after installation, you will need to wait for another 5-20 minutes for the device to calibrate. During this time, you cannot use your heater or A/C.

If your thermostat still says it’s calibrating after 20 minutes, there may be an issue with the wiring. Remove the thermostat from the wall to check the wires. All the tabs next to the wire terminals should be completely pressed down, and each wire should be in the correct terminal. The wire letters correspond with the following wire colors:

WireWire Color
CBlue or black
R, RC, or RHRed
Y or Y1Yellow

Sometimes, the wires may have different colors. If this is the case for your thermostat wires or you suspect another issue with the wiring, contact an electrician for help.

Note: If you are using a Power Extender Kit, you will not have a C wire.

Calibration After Ecobee Reboots

Anytime Ecobee reboots, it will need to recalibrate. Rebooting can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Your home loses power temporarily.
  • Ecobee performs a firmware update.
  • Your furnace overheats.
  • Your A/C has water build-up.
  • The thermostat wires are corroded or damaged.

If your home loses power or you flip the breaker for whatever reason, your Ecobee will automatically recalibrate when the power comes back. All you have to do is wait.

Ecobee also performs firmware updates regularly; an update may cause your thermostat to recalibrate. This may take slightly longer than a regular calibration. If your device is calibrating for more than an hour, contact Ecobee customer service for additional support.

Ecobee Calibration Troubleshooting

The following are a few troubleshooting steps you can take if your Ecobee has trouble with calibrating properly:

What to Do If Ecobee Keeps Rebooting

If your Ecobee is often rebooting, it’s a sign that there is an issue with the thermostat or another part of your HVAC system. It may be as simple as needing to change the filter on your furnace or clean the drain pan in the A/C.

Other issues may be more challenging to fix and may require handling wires. Consider hiring a certified HVAC technician if you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself.

For the DIY types, check out this article for more troubleshooting tips when Ecobee keeps rebooting.

Ecobee Calibrating for Too Long

The calibration should only take 20 minutes at most. However, some users have reported that their device calibrates for longer, sometimes up to 12 hours; this is not normal and is likely caused by an error.

If your Ecobee is calibrating for an unusual amount of time, try power cycling it by removing the thermostat from the wall and then putting it back. Then, wait 20 minutes to see if it stops calibrating.

You can also try power cycling your Internet by unplugging your router and modem for at least one minute and then plugging them back in.

If your thermostat still says “calibrating” for a long time, you will want to contact Ecobee customer service.

Incorrect Ecobee Thermostat Calibration

No technology is perfect, and sometimes after calibration, the temperature reading on your Ecobee may be wrong. A variance of one degree is normal, but it can be a problem when the temperature is off more than that.

To solve this issue, you can manually adjust the temperature reading:

  1. Click on the menu button on the Ecobee display screen.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Select “Installation Settings.”
  4. Select “Thresholds.”
  5. Select “Temperature Correction.”
  6. Change the temperature reading as needed.

In Summary

When your Ecobee Thermostat says, “Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled,” this means that the thermostat sensor(s) are working on getting an accurate reading of your home’s current temperature. This calibration process happens after you install your thermostat and anytime it reboots. Unfortunately, you can’t use the heater or A/C during this time, but it should only take up to 20 minutes.

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