I Ordered My Ring Car Cam in January 2023 — Where is It?

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January 2024 Update: On January 4th, I received this email from Ring canceling my Car Cam order.

Email from Ring canceling a Car Cam order

Ring received an unprecedented number of orders for the Car Cam and then promised many customers that they would be delivered in February 2023. 

But here we are in December — and I still haven’t received it. So, where is my Ring Car Cam?

What Does Ring Say About a Delay on the Car Cam?

Unfortunately, Ring has been far from forthcoming on the issues they’ve encountered meeting demand for the Car Cam.  

There has been no official response — only a handful of responses from moderators on the Ring Forums and anecdotes from disgruntled customers who’ve taken it upon themselves to contact Ring Support.

Ring Community Forums moderator message

Most responses have been apologetic, but with little detail or indication of a solution. Many customers who spoke with Ring directly were told that they could cancel their order if they weren’t willing to wait.

Ring’s History of Being Out of Stock

This isn’t the first time Ring has had issues with delays. Back in 2014, Ring suffered lengthy delays with the shipping of their Video Doorbell, another hotly anticipated product at the time.

Searching for shipping delays for Ring orders reveals a whole host of issues customers have experienced in recent years. The fundamental complaint seems to be that Ring has a policy of charging customers for items before they’re shipped.

Consumers are debited the full amount, then wait months before receiving their products.

Ring Car Cam order

Is the Wait for the Ring Car Cam Worth it?

Ring generally has a good reputation. Their products are not only high-quality, but affordable as well. For this reason, many customers give them grace with a few shipping issues.  

However, early reviews of the Car Cam, from both official sources and customers, seem to suggest that the lengthy wait has been in vain.

Poor quality in build, connection, and quality are amongst the issues reported. Customers who have received their Cam report issues with lag and automated recording.  

Ring’s Car Cam is still being sold on Amazon, but with a “currently unavailable” notice. In short, it seems that Ring has developed a dashcam that can’t deliver — in both a technical and physical sense.

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