ChatGPT-4 Debuts: What You Should Know

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OpenAI has debuted the next evolution of their large language model: ChatGPT-4. Late last year, ChatGPT-3 took the world by storm by proving to be the most advanced conversational artificial intelligence available to the general public. The internet was quickly flooded with unique use cases, from finding a job to automating your home.

ChatGPT-4 truly is an evolution; it is no longer a large language model, but a multimodal language model. This encompasses -4’s biggest advancement from ChatGPT-3. ChatGPT-4 is capable of ingesting images! This gives the new model the ability to write custom captions, point out details in images, and (most importantly) explain internet memes.

ChatGPT-4 can’t just take images though, it has refined -3’s language model to become more relevant, more apt, and more conversational. ChatGPT-3 took a simulated bar exam and scored in the bottom 10% of test takers. ChatGPT-4 took the same exam and scored in the top 10%. This is an astronomical increase in linguistic abilities! OpenAI emphasized in a blog post that the average user may not notice a difference in performance, noting that “the difference comes out when the complexity of the task reaches a sufficient threshold — GPT-4 is more reliable, creative and able to handle much more nuanced instructions than GPT-3.5.”

ChatGPT-4 is available now to subscribers of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus Subscription. If you prefer to access the OpenAI API, you can now join the waitlist here.

A variety of companies have already discussed their applications for ChatGPT-4. In fact, some users have unwittingly been interacting with ChatGPT-4 for weeks now in the form of Microsoft’s Bing AI! This does not come as a large surprise as the Bing Chatbot was co-developed by Microsoft and OpenAI. Duolingo has also announced Duolingo Max, an exciting new subscription tier that provides learners with access to a conversational chatbot powered by ChatGPT-4. ChatGPT-4 also aids learners in lessons by helping explain their errors using natural linguistics.

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