How Do I Turn on Night Mode on My Samsung Smart TV?


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During the day, you may not notice, but watching TV at night can sometimes feel like looking directly into the sun because of the bright light emissions into your eyes. That can be unsafe for your eyes and put it at risk of damage. But with continuous innovations and upgrades by Samsung on their smart TV series, you now have the option of watching your TV in night mode.

To turn on this feature on your Samsung Smart TV, you will visit the Accessibility section of your TV and follow the steps which you’ll be reading shortly. But before we go into how it is set up, we must know why Samsung has added this feature on the smart TV and why you should use it even if you do not suffer any eye conditions.

Blue Light Filter (Night Mode)

This feature is very stylish as it is essential, especially if you have visual impairments or just like the dark shade. The night mode feature makes texts easily readable, makes life easier for those with cognitive disabilities and visual impairments and is generally in vogue and stylish.

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Why Should I Use the Night Mode Feature?

Switching your TV to the night mode is not compulsory as it is entirely dependent on what you want. However, because of the amount of time you spend on different screens ranging from your laptop, mobile phones, computers, TVs, and other light sources, your eyes are exposed to it regularly. Therefore, it is important that the light you feed your eyes is controlled.

Exposure to bright screen lights at all times can cause eye irritation, itching, headaches, and may even damage the eyes ultimately. Spending hours on the screen could also cause insomnia, neck pains, back pains, etc. In addition, Digital eye strain impacts your vision and can damage it if not controlled.

This feature available on Samsung smart series helps to minimize the adverse effects and impacts the TV can cause to our eyes. This feature is also available on your smartphone and laptop, and it helps reduce the light and maintain a balance between contrast ratios to protect your eyes.

Does Samsung TV Have Night Mode?

Now that you know why it is important, you may be wondering how to enable this feature on your TV. 

You must first have in mind that the Night Mode feature does not officially come with your Samsung TV. However, you’ll find it when you navigate the TV settings and get to an option called High Contrast. 

This is where you can increase the contrast between the background and the text of the Smart Hub to your desired preference.

This High Contrast mode is just like the night mode on your phones, but this one comes with a black and dark grey background, colorful highlights, and light text features. Setting this up on your Samsung TV is just as simple as adjusting the picture setting on your TV.

How to Enable Night Mode on Your Samsung TV

Here are the simple steps to enable Night Mode on your Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung smart TV remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to General > Accessibility or System > Settings > Accessibility depending on your Samsung TV model.
  4. Click on the High Contrast option.
  5. Once done, the Night Mode feature will automatically be activated on your TV.

The Night Mode feature emits lower light and makes for a better viewing experience, especially for those looking into very bright screens. In addition, it is convenient for poorly lit environments, and it makes texts more readable.


While there is no direct option for the Night Mode feature in Samsung smart TVs, you can find this feature in the High Contrast option when you navigate to the Accessibility option on your TV. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this feature, but thanks to this article, you are now not only aware of it but also informed on how to start using the feature right away.

For more reasons than just its fun, the Night Mode feature is essential on Samsung TV. It is suitable for people with visual impairments and those who want to have the Night Mode feel they enjoy on their smartphones right on their smart TVs.

Whatever your reasons are, this feature on your smart TV helps reduce straining your eyes and significantly reduces the impact of the blue light filter on your eyes.

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