Which Samsung TV Has Anti-Glare? (and How to Reduce It)

Which Samsung TV Has Anti-Glare? (and How to Reduce It)Which Samsung TV Has Anti-Glare? (and How to Reduce It)

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If the sun shines directly on your TV screen every morning or evening, it helps to have a TV with built-in anti-glare features.

Here’s our list of all the Samsung TVs that feature anti-glare technology. 

Which Samsung TVs Have Anti-Glare?

As of 2023, the following Samsung TVs feature an anti-glare screen.

How Does Anti-Glare Work?

Before putting your TV in a bright room, it’s important to understand how glare reduction works. 

In general, anti-glare is not one specific technology. Some of the things that help reduce glare on your TV screen include:

TVs with features like these are usually significantly more expensive than other models. However, anti-glare technology can make a world of a difference in your viewing experience.

How Do You Reduce the Light Glare on Your TV?

Samsung tv

Glare on your TV can be very annoying, and no one wants their budget to get in the way of their picture quality. 

If an anti-glare TV is out of your budget, there are other ways you can reduce the glare on your screen. These include:

  • Adjust your viewing angle.
  • Change your TV’s picture settings.
  • Covering your windows with curtains.
  • Turning off the light.
  • Moving light sources behind the TV. 
  • Covering your TV with an anti-glare coating.

How Can Anti-Glare Coating Help?

An anti-glare coating is a film you can place over a screen to reduce the amount of ambient light reflected off of it. 

Anti-glare coatings are available for almost every type of screen or lens, from eyeglass lenses to smart TVs. While they’re most useful for reducing glare while watching TV in this scenario, they’re generally useful for any task where glare can impact your vision.

Is Anti-Glare Necessary for Watching TV?

While an anti-glare coating can help reduce glare on TV screens, especially if your model features Art Mode, it’s definitely not a necessity. 

Unless you have no other way to reduce the glare on your screen, an anti-glare coating is more of a luxury than anything else. 

What Other TVs Have Anti-Glare? 

If you’re open to other manufacturers than Samsung, consider one of these smart TVs that use anti-glare technology:

The display on these TVs makes them a great choice for bright rooms.

FAQ: Samsung TVs and Anti-Glare

Samsung tv with ambient mode on

Are Anti-Glare and Matte the Same Thing?

Anti-glare and matte screens do similar things, but there are some slight differences. It’s best to think about it like this — matte screens don’t have the same capacity to reflect light as glossy screens, so they’re naturally anti-glare. 

Anti-glare screens, on the other hand, are screens where the manufacturers have taken extra care to ensure light does not reflect off of them. 

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