Which Samsung TV Has Anti Glare (and How To Reduce It)

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You are coming home from work and turning on your old TV, due to the sun shining you can barely watch your favorite series, so you ask yourself which Samsung TVs have a built-in anti-glare feature.

Great Samsung TV models that have anti glare are:

As a future Samsung user, there are some features you need to know, so you can get the best user experience by your liking. Why is anti-glare good and how to reduce the glare on your new TV?

How Does Anti-Glare Work?

Before buying a bright room TV you wonder how glare reduction works. What do you need to understand, so you can pick the best TV for your living room, workspace, or even bedroom? Here’s what anti-glare technology really is.

In general, anti-glare even though a feature is not one specific technology. Things that help with glare include OLED, QLED, or even 4K screen technology, triple-layer screen technology, anti-reflection screen protector, etc. Although technology is not the only thing you can impact.

Although these specifics can change the cost of the TV significantly, removing the glare from your daily life is definitely an impactful feature worth paying for.

How Do You Reduce the Light Glare on Your TV?

Glare on your TV can be very annoying, and no one wants a bad experience from their high-quality screen picture. So you might be wondering if there are other simple ways to reduce glare besides purchasing an anti-glare TV.

Generally, you should consider darkening the room, maybe by using curtains to cover the windows or turning off the light. A good idea is to move the light source behind the television in order to reduce the reflection. A good idea you should also think about is an anti-glare coating for all devices.

If you’d like to learn more about your TV, check out this article.

How Can Anti-Glare Coating Help?

Perhaps you want to remove glare on all your devices, or maybe even everything you look at, the solution to the problem would be an anti-glare coating. So you might be wondering how an anti-glare coating helps your devices.

An anti-glare coating is a microscopic film placed on the lens of glasses. The purpose of the film is to reduce the glare off of the surface of the glasses, with some reducing the reflection of the lens up to 16 times by reducing the light that bounces off. Besides glasses, there are other options.

A useful part of these glasses is that even though they can help with watching TV or looking at your smartphone, they are generally useful in everyday tasks that may be impacted by glare.

Is Anti-Glare Necessary for Glasses?

By now you might be asking yourself if anti-glare is necessary for glasses and if there are other ways to reduce glare on your devices. Maybe you are thinking of something cheaper or you just aren’t fond of wearing glasses.

Anti-Glare on glasses although useful, it’s definitely not a necessity. Another alternative to anti-glare coating is an anti-reflection screen protector. These protectors are tools that apply directly to the screen of a certain device drastically reducing the glare. Though with cons to consider.

Although great for reducing glare, this solution can cause problems with the touch sensors, as well as in some cases lower the quality of the image. It can also be a drag buying one for every device.

What other TVs have Anti-Glare? 

Although Samsung might be the pioneer when it comes to Anti-Glare technology, you likely won’t limit yourself to one brand. When it comes to anti-glare you could consider looking towards brands like LG, Sony, TLC, etc. We’ve compiled a list to help you find your ideal TV.

Alternative models you could consider are:

Some of the features to consider for a bright room TV of choice are triple-layer screens, OLED and 4K rather than LCD, matte screen, and a better image resolution for glare reduction.


Although screen glare can be annoying, there is no need to experience it anymore. With the new high-quality TV models with their features such as QLED and layered screens, etc. With a normal market price. 

Television aside, there are many different gadgets and technologies that can help you remove glare entirely from your phones or even everyday life, glare could no longer be a part of our daily lives. Watch your football game and your favorite series at any time of the day.

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