HelloBaby Monitor Says “Waiting for Connecting” – 3 Fixes to Try

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So you bought a new monitor for your precious little one. Great! However, you may have come across a common issue while setting up your HelloBaby monitor. For some people, the monitor will display a message that says, “Waiting for Connecting.” When this happens, what do you do?

Here are three easy fixes when you get the “waiting for connecting” error on your HelloBaby monitor:

  • Check the physical connection
  • Check the wireless connection
  • Check the connection between camera and monitor

To learn more about how to check for these connections and fix them to resolve your problem, read our instructions below!

Check the Physical Connection

The first fix you should try when you see the “waiting for connecting” error is to check your monitor’s physical connection. This error often appears when the plug providing power to the camera is not fully inserted, resulting in your camera being off. 

Try a Different Outlet

Make sure the power plug is fully inserted into the camera as well as into the outlet. If the plug is firmly secured on both ends and the camera is still not powering on, try a different outlet in case your first outlet is faulty. You may also want to try fully unplugging the camera for 5-10 seconds and then plugging it back in to do a power reset. 

You can also try completely resetting the system:

Get a Refund

Make sure the camera is displaying the powered-on LED light to indicate it has power. If you use working outlets, the plug is secure, and the light is still not turning on, you may have a faulty charge port. Contact the company you purchased from to discuss a replacement or refund. Any video proof you can provide of this issue may help you make your case. 

Once the camera is physically powered, you should have no issues connecting it to the monitor and eliminating the error. If this does not solve the issue, you may have a wireless connection issue instead. 

Check the Wireless Camera-Monitor Connection

If you’re getting the “waiting for connecting” error even when the camera is fully plugged in, your camera and monitor may be struggling to communicate with each other. Before checking the following, you’ll want to see our steps in the next section to ensure the camera and monitor are pre-linked to each other.

If they’re definitely pre-linked, you may have interference occurring between your camera and monitor. 

Common reasons for interference include:

  • The camera and monitor are too far away from each other
  • Large metal appliances are in the path between the camera and monitor
  • One or both devices are too close to other devices with their own networks such as WiFi routers or computers

If this is happening to you, try bringing the camera and monitor closer to one another or setting them strategically so other devices won’t interfere with their communication. 

If you’re still getting the “waiting for connecting” error, it may mean your camera and monitor aren’t pre-linked. Check your monitor settings as described in the next section to see if they’ve been unlinked somehow. Re-linking should solve this error. Check out the steps below to find out how to do this.

Make Sure the Camera and Monitor Are Linked

If you know for sure that the camera and monitor are fully plugged and powered on, you may be having a linking issue between the camera and the monitor. You have to wirelessly link the camera and the monitor, so a disconnect between these two can result in the “waiting for connecting” error.

Typically the camera and monitor come already paired. In the event that they don’t, you can follow the below steps to re-link them:

  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Use the arrow keys to select the camera icon
  3. Find your desired camera and press OK
  4. Select ADD CAM and OK
  5. Unplug the camera from its power source
  6. Hold the PAIR button on the camera while simultaneously re-plugging it in

A check will appear on the screen once they are linked. Keep in mind that your devices can be linked but may still struggle to connect with one another due to interference as discussed in the previous section. Try to keep your devices out of the way of large metal appliances or devices with their own networks like WiFi routers to avoid this issue. 


Nobody wants to deal with a connection error with their technology, especially when that technology is important to keep your baby safe! Luckily, these three fixes will normally do the trick to fix the “waiting for connecting” error. 

If you check all three of these connections and cannot find a solution to your connection error, you may have a faulty monitor. In that case, reach out to the company you purchased the HelloBaby monitor from for assistance with a refund or replacement.

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