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Do The Infant Optics Baby Cameras Need Wifi?

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
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When it comes to looking after your infant, of course, you want the best possible products! Having a baby camera in your child’s room is a great way to ensure they are safe at all times, and when it comes to monitors, Infant Optics is considered the best of the best. But you may be wondering: Do the Infant Optics baby cameras need WiFi? 

While Infant Optics offers several types of baby cameras, none of them need WiFi to function properly. This is great news because it means that even if the WiFi stops working for any reason, your baby camera will continue to run as it communicates directly from the camera to the monitor. 

In this article, we are going to learn everything there is to know about how the Infant Optics baby cameras work, including the many pros and cons of choosing either a WiFi-free or WiFi-connectable monitor, and whether or not Infant Optics has any models that will connect to WiFi. 

How Do the Infant Optics Baby Cameras Work?

Most tech devices work with a WiFi network these days, so because the Infant Optics baby cameras don’t need WiFi to function, you may be wondering how they work and what other features they have to offer. 

The Infant Optics cameras are programmed to send the feed directly from the camera to the monitor through radio waves. While they work similarly to the Bluetooth option on your phone or the radio in your car, the video aspect makes these handy devices slightly more technologically advanced. 

They use a transmission system known as the Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) which facilitates video transmission while securing the signal and minimizing frequency interference, which means it is less likely that the monitor will pick up unwanted frequencies. 

The encrypted codes are known and understood only by the monitor and the camera connected to it, so you can feel sure that your baby is only being seen by you! 

Why Do Some Popular Baby Monitors Use WiFi?

Although it may seem like baby monitors that do not need WiFi to function, such as those offered by Infant Optics, are the best option for the safety of your children and your home, many popular baby monitors do use a WiFi connection. 

Here’s why you want to consider this option: 

  • WiFi baby monitors have a much longer range. While non-WiFi monitors can usually only be 1000 feet away from the cameras, WiFi monitors will work as long as the WiFi is working! That means you can be in your backyard, basement, or maybe even in your car if your WiFi is strong enough. 
  • With WiFi monitors, you can connect via an app on your phone. This feature is incredibly convenient because it means anyone who needs to check the feed can without needing to have the one monitor in hand. The apps also give live updates, temperature readings, and alarms if something is awry in the baby’s room. 
  • The system is easy to use. What people love most about WiFi monitors is that they are easy to use. Most of us always have our phones in hand, and it makes checking on your baby easier than constantly having to know where the monitor is and constantly ensuring it’s fully charged.

If you think a WiFi baby monitoring system might be the right option for you, you’re probably wondering if any of the Infant Optics models can connect to WiFi. 

Which Infant Optics Models Use WiFi?

While Infant Optics has made several monitor models over the years, their two current options are the DXR-8 and the DXR-8 Pro

Unfortunately, neither the DXR-8 nor the DXR-8 Pro will connect with WiFi and they do not have an app to which you can watch the camera on your phone. 

If you truly want to connect your baby monitor to your home wireless network and your phone, you will have to opt for another company. 

Can Infant Optics Baby Cameras Be Hacked?

Here’s the thing, any device in your home that is connected to a wireless internet network can be hacked. 

This is one of the main reasons why people love the fact that the Infant Optics baby cameras do not need to be connected to the internet. However, if you prefer to use WiFi for your monitoring system, it’s important to know that hacking is possible.

If you use a 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless network instead of a 5 GHz, your devices are less likely to be infiltrated, and they are considered to have a safe connection. 

However, if you want to be sure, skip the WiFi connection altogether!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to a baby camera for your home, safety is probably your first concern. 

The good news is, the Infant Optics baby cameras are a fantastic option for keeping your baby and your family safe. 

They do not need a WiFi connection to function, but with the extremely safe radio wave transmission system, you can have confidence that your baby is safe and sound. 

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