9 Best Tech Gifts for Dads Who Love Apple

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Gifting Apple products is a great idea on any holiday, but if your dad is a big Apple fan, it’s an especially good idea for Father’s Day!

But, not all the best tech gifts for dads who love Apple are actual Apple products. Whether you want to get your dad an Apple product for a Father’s Day gift or something to make using his current devices easier, here are nine of the best options, from a fellow Apple lover.

1. AirPods

Airpods on Macbook next to iPhone

Is your dad still using those old wired headphones on his morning walks around the neighborhood? If so, help him upgrade to a pair of 3rd Generation AirPods.

These are some of Apple’s latest and greatest wireless earbuds, and your dad will love using them to listen to his favorite songs, podcasts, and more.

If I am ever working, I have my AirPods in. From Zoom calls to Podcasts, they are almost always in my ears during working hours.

Is your dad more of an old-school, over-the-ears headphones type of guy? Get him the latest model of AirPods Max.

Everyone knows you can connect AirPods to any Apple product. But, you can also connect them to any device that supports Bluetooth technology. He can use his new AirPods with his:

They even work with Android devices, but with limited capabilities.

2. HomePod or HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod

Does your dad like to listen to music while he works in the yard? Is he still using an old boombox during barbecues? The HomePod is the perfect tech gift for dads who love to listen to music.

I love my HomePod because of the 360° listening. No matter where you are around this thing, you are at the lest listening angle. And, you can easily sync it up with existing speakers through AirPlay.

With a simple “Hey Siri” command on his iPhone or Apple Watch, your dad can use the HomePod in any area of the house, inside or out, to listen to music and control other smart devices connected to Apple HomeKit.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of smart hubs to choose from, but if your dad loves Apple, the HomePod can be his first step to a smarter, more efficient home.

Don’t want him to have to worry about plugging it in to charge? Add a battery base to make it portable.

3. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch on Bennys Wrist

A new Apple Watch is a favorite for people who are gifting Apple products to someone else. Not only can it replace the watch your dad has been wearing for years, but he can also connect it to other Apple devices and smart home products!

I recommend the Apple Watch SE, one of Apple’s finest. Your dad can use it to check the time, weather, and read notifications from his iPhone or iPad. 

In addition to these basic smartwatch features, the Apple Watch can also:

  • Monitor your health
  • Play music to your AirPods
  • Use Apple Pay

If your dad is a more advanced Apple Watch user, consider upgrading him to the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra.

4. Apple TV

Whether your dad already has a smart TV or not, an Apple TV is a great addition. I recommend the Apple TV 4K, the best version Apple has available right now.

Hands down, Apple TV is my favorite streaming device. The picture is much better, I can use my iPhone as a remote and the design is just so much better than the others. If your dad is a streamer, they need an Apple TV 4k!

The Apple TV instantly turns into a smart hub when you connect it to HomeKit, letting you control all your smart devices from it. 

Apple TV+ supports most streaming services, including:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max

Want to kick it up a notch? Sign your dad up for an Apple TV+ subscription. He’ll automatically get a free three-month subscription when he sets his device up, but why not extend it for a year so he can catch up on all the great shows Apple TV+ offers?

Side note: Apple TV+ has some of the better original series in my opinion.

5. Apple AirTag

Apple airtag on wooden desk

Is your dad always losing his keys or forgetting where he parked his car or left his keys? Help him out with an AirTag

You can attach an AirTag to nearly anything and track it as long as it’s connected to your iPhone’s Bluetooth. Your dad can place an AirTag on his:

  • Suitcase
  • Keys
  • Car
  • Pets

With an Apple AirTag, your dad won’t have to worry about thinking, “Now, where’s the last place I put that?”

6. MagSafe Battery Pack

If your dad’s always on the go, he’s probably familiar with the inconvenience of a low phone battery. Help him out with a portable charger.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack attaches wirelessly to the back of any iPhone 12, 13, or 14 models. If your dad has an older iPhone model, grab him a MagSafe sticker to stick on the back of his phone to attach the charger.

The battery pack can charge your dad’s iPhone for up to 24 hours before it needs to be charged itself. To charge the battery pack, you’ll need a lightning to USB cable.  

7. Apple Studio Monitor

Like many professionals today, your dad might work from home. A disorganized workspace can be chaotic, especially when you can’t even keep track of the projects on your screen.

If your father struggles with a slow computer or laptop because he always has 100 tabs open on one screen, a new Apple Studio monitor could be the perfect gift.

Your dad can pair his laptop with his new monitor, giving him more screen space and organization while working from home. 

The Apple Studio is definitely a splurge. But, it’s one of the best Apple gifts for dad you could buy.

Best Apple-Compatible Tech Gifts for Dads

If your dad’s a really big Apple fan, gifting Apple products might be tough. He already has everything he could need, so he might benefit from an Apple-compatible gift better than a new Apple device. 

1. HomeKit-Supported TV

If your dad has prior experience with smart home devices and loves Apple HomeKit, he probably uses it to control different devices around the house. 

There are a lot of devices that support Apple HomeKit, but something people don’t usually consider is a smart TV. 

Many manufacturers now make their TVs compatible with HomeKit. Some of the best options include:

If your dad already has a smart TV, check the settings and see if it’s compatible with HomeKit. You and your dad can set it up together!

2. Tech Supportal

Chances are that for any new tech gift your dad receives, he’s going to want to set it up himself. Most dads don’t like to ask for help, but asking a professional might be easier than asking you. Sign him up for a Tech Supportal membership!

With professionals with experience in all forms of technology and smart home devices, your dad can turn to Tech Supportal if he needs help setting up, troubleshooting, or streamlining his new device.

If you’re looking for some more gift ideas for dads, watch my video with my recommendations as a dad!

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