Apple Air Tags are quickly becoming a popular way for Apple product owners to keep track of things that they constantly lose or misplace, such as their keys, wallet, and purse. Further, people are using them to track their children if they don’t want to purchase a phone for their child. However, with all of this tracking being done, how long do the Apple Air Tag batteries last?

Apple Air Tag batteries last for one year and don’t need to be recharged, in fact, there is no way to charge the battery. There are several aspects that can extend or shorten the year-long battery life. If your Apple Air Tag dies, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure you still have a working Apple Air Tag. 

Knowing how long an Apple Air Tag battery is essential to your daily life if you are relying on one to help you know where your things are. It would be horrible to rely on your Air Tag to discover that its batteries were dead while you were looking for something.

Keeping Track of Apple Air Tag Battery Life

Apple Air Tags are a fantastic way to keep track of all your belongings from keys to umbrellas to bicycles. They’re very simple to use and can have multiple Air Tags connected to the same Find My app, which can also make it difficult to keep track of the battery life on multiple Air Tags.

Keeping track of the Apple Air Tag battery life is even easier than using it. To know how much battery remains on the Air Tag, simply open the Find My app on your phone and select the Air Tag that you’d like to check the battery life of. Once you have that selected, there will be a battery icon to show you the battery level.

You should most likely shop for a replacement battery around when the Apple Air Tag is at about twenty-five percent. You will have to estimate the exact percentage the battery has remaining because the battery icon will not give the exact percentage.

Do the Air Tag Functions Affect the Battery Life?

Apple Air Tags work with the Find My app on your phone to help you find the objects they’re attached to. You can track your Air Tags from multiple locations and depending on the iPhone you have, you can have absolute precision when looking for an object to tell you if you’re getting closer to or further from an object that is in a room for example.

Apple Air Tags are designed to work efficiently, so if you regularly look for something, it won’t drastically affect the battery life of the Air Tag or your iPhone. An additional benefit is that you won’t have to worry about the data usage on your phone since it works through Bluetooth.

What Will Affect an Apple Air Tag Battery Life?

According to Apple, there are several things that can affect an Apple Air Tag’s battery life. These things include: 

  • Usage
  • Environmental conditions
  • Replacement battery manufacturer

The one-year life expectancy with the original battery is based on four sound uses and one precision-finding event per day. If you use your Apple Air Tag more than this, then it will cause the battery to drain quicker than if you use it less frequently.

Signs an Apple Air Tag Has a Low Battery

If your Apple Air Tag has been used for quite some time, there are some things that it will do to signify that the battery is dying.

The first thing you will notice is that when you check the battery in the Find My app, the battery icon will be low. Your iPhone will also send you an alert notifying you that your Air Tag battery is low. 

What do I do if my Apple Air Tag Battery Dies?

Even though Apple Air Tags are extremely efficient with their battery usage and have a long battery life, there will be a time that comes when the battery dies.

If and when your Apple Air Tag battery dies, there is no need to or way to charge the Apple Air Tag battery. You must replace the battery or buy a new Air Tag. Replacing the battery is an easy process that many people can do, therefore it is unnecessary to throw out your old Apple Air Tag and purchase a new one.

Replacing an Apple Air Tag Battery

When it is time to replace your Apple Air Tag battery, it might seem a little complicated to do. However, this is a very quick and easy process, and can usually be done in under a minute.

First, you will need the correct battery. The Apple Air Tag takes a CR2032 lithium 3V battery. You can purchase these online or at many hardware stores or pharmacies. Once you have your replacement battery, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your Apple Air Tag battery case. To do this, press down on the battery cover and turn it counterclockwise until the cover stops turning.
  2. Remove the cover and then the old battery.
  3. Carefully place the replacement battery inside with the positive (+) sign facing upwards. 
  4. Replace the cover and make sure that it gets locked in place by turning it clockwise until it stops.


Apple Air Tags are an affordable way to keep track of many of your belongings that you tend to misplace during the day. They have a year-long battery life and are designed to use their energy efficiently. Additionally, going along with Apple’s theme of being user-friendly, their batteries are easy and affordable to replace once they die.