Do Eufy Cameras Work with Ring?

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Originally designed to be the watchful eyes on the outside of your house, Eufy devices allow you to keep track of movements around your home and notifies when it spots an intruder. The same can be said for Ring products such as the Ring video doorbell. These devices are equipped with many features that enhance their functions, but can the Eufy camera work with Ring?

While the Eufy camera and Ring security camera provide the same services, both products can indeed be integrated into one home security system and made to work hand in hand for the house’s safety.

This article will compare the Ring video doorbell and the Eufy security camera based on their features and compatibilities such as installation method, battery life, video and audio quality, integration capabilities, etc. By the end of the article, you will be able to decide if you want to use both devices for their unique features at home or if you would rather have one of them.

Integration Capabilities of Eufy and Ring

To clearly ascertain if these two different security cameras can work together, we must first consider their integration capabilities. For example, Eufy cameras can be compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, while the Ring security cameras are only compatible with the Amazon Alexa eco-system.

These devices can be integrated and controlled via the Amazon Alexa voice command using your phone. However, if you have other branded smart home devices, your best bet will be the Eufy because of its wide range of integration options.

Other areas of comparison between the two products are as follows.


Let’s talk about the differences between the Eufy camera and Ring doorbell installation below. If you would like to learn more about the Eufy, check out this article.

Eufy Camera

Installing the Eufy video doorbell is pretty straightforward. The product comes with a mounting bracket that holds the doorbell camera and a mounting wedge for angling the camera if you require it. Follow the easy steps on the manual to ease installing the Eufy security camera.

Ring Doorbell

On the other hand, the Ring video doorbell also comes with a mounting bracket that can be screwed to your door frame. Again, follow the guide on the app to set it up properly.

Both Products

Both the Ring and the Eufy can be mounted at different locations around the house and controlled by the Alexa smart home system from the comfort of your phone.

Video and Audio Quality

Let’s review the video and audio quality of the Ring doorbell and Eufy camera below.

Ring Doorbell

In the aspect of video quality, the Ring has a 160-degree field of view at 1080p HD. This makes for a very clear video, even if the objects or persons in view are a few feet away from the camera. Its night vision comes in black and white format, but you can get colour images in the night vision mode if hard-wired.

It also has precise two-way audio and noise-cancellation technology. That makes the voices of people close to the camera stand out and become more audible over the noises in the background. That is an outstanding feature, especially when you need to hear what the persons in view are saying.

Eufy Camera

The Eufy security camera has impressive resolution images that load faster and feel more stable than the Ring. That is primarily due to the HomeBase that ensures a faster connection for the camera. 

The video quality of the Eufy is more advanced than that of the Ring; with its 2K camera resolution, you can see people’s faces when they’re close to the door. Its night mode feature is also good and helps you stay covered even in the dark.

The two-way audio feature of the Eufy is prominent, although it seems to create interference with the video feed. It is difficult to hear the audio on your recordings unless you manually initiate a recording from your Eufy app. It is possible to adjust the recording lengths in the app, but not that it can reduce the battery life of your EufyCam.

Battery Life

Let’s discuss the difference in the Eufy camera and Ring doorbells’ battery lives below.

Eufy Camera

Talking about batteries, the Eufy camera can last for up to a year after the initial charge. The Eufy camera may not require another charge for at least 180 days when moderately used.

Ring Doorbell

On the other hand, the Ring doorbell can last more than three months after the initial charge and, depending on the usage, may expend only 1% of battery life per day.

How to Preserve Battery Life In Both Products

To preserve battery life for both the Eufy and Ring, you can install a solar charger to keep the batteries charged at all times using solar energy.


Eufy cameras can work with Ring if integrated with the Amazon Alexa app. So you can have both brands of security cameras and doorbells to protect your home, and you enjoy the advantage of their unique features.

Now that you know the similarities and differences between the two, you can make an informed decision on whether to use both brands or just one of them whenever you decide to beef up your home security.

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