Are Eufy Cameras Easy To Install – Five Simple Steps

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Home security is something that people are thinking about more often with all the options available. Sometimes a person might shy away from getting a self-monitoring home security system because they might not think they will be able to install the system themselves. So when it comes to the Eufy cameras for home security, how easy are they to install?

With this article here, we go over all the tools and steps that it will take to install a EufyCam in your home. By the end of this, you should have your EufyCam up and running in no time.

A Few Things You Will Need Before Starting Installation

There will be some tools you will need that aren’t included with the EufyCam to mount it. You will need the following:

  • A drill gun
  • A 15/64 inch drill bit
  • A ladder
  • A Phillips head screwdriver

Without these tools, you will not be able to mount the EufyCam. So make sure that you have all these items before installing your EufyCam. 

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Step One: Find The Spot You Wish to Mount Your Eufy Camera

Optimal spots to mount the EufyCam will require the area to give the best view while having the proper Wi-Fi connection for seamless streaming of the video from your EufyCam. Areas inside the house will have the most accessible mounting areas and best Wi-Fi signal, while areas outside will need the camera mounted as close to the Wi-Fi router for the best signal.

Step Two: Use the Eufy Security App to Test the Wi-Fi Strength in Your Selected Installation Area

After picking an area to mount your EufyCam, you will need to test the Wi-Fi connection to the camera before doing the installation to ensure that the camera will properly work in the selected area. 

To do this, you will need to take these simple steps:

  • Download and use the Eufy Security app to create an account to link your EufyCam to the system.
  • Use the Eufy Security App to test the Wi-Fi signal to your camera. This can be found in the Mounting Guide part under Camera Settings in the app.

After confirming the Wi-Fi strength in the area for your camera, you can continue to set up the area for installation.

Step Three: Prepping the Area for Installation of the Eufy Camera

After locating the best spot for installing the EufyCam, you can now start prepping the area for the beginning of the installation. 

Use your ladder to mark an area 7-10 feet off the ground from where you want to install your EufyCam; you will need a dry cloth to clean the installation area before installing the EufyCam. Use the cloth to remove dust and dirt from the area to ensure a clean installation.

Step Four: Installing the Mounting Bracket for Eufy Camera

The next step will entail mounting the wall bracket for the EufyCam to the area where you have chosen to install the camera. For this part, you will need your drill, 15/64 inch drill bit, Phillips head screwdriver, the two anchors included with EufyCam, and the two screws included with EufyCam. 

To do the installation part, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the mounting bracket from the swivel by turning it clockwise.
  2. Use a 15/64 inch drill bit and drill to drill two holes to mount the EufyCam. Use the mounting bracket to line up where the two holes will need to go.
  3. Insert the anchors that were included with the EufyCam into the two holes.
  4. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to mount the bracket with the two screws that were included to secure the mounting bracket to the wall. 
  5. Tighten the screws until they firmly hold the mounting bracket to the wall.

Now, let’s move onto step five.

Step Five: Placing the Swivel Back in Place And Installing Eufy Camera on Swivel

After you have the mounting bracket securely mounted to the wall that you want your Eufy camera to be at, you can then reattach the swivel to the bracket and mount the camera to the swivel. 

To reattach the swivel, fasten the ball knob to the bracket’s base and turn the swivel until it is tightened on the bracket. After the swivel is firmly attached to the mount, you can then tighten the EufyCam to the swivel and adjust it to the position you want the camera to point.


The EufyCam isn’t overly hard to install. The system does come with instructions on how to install the cameras.

EufyCam site where you can download the instructions for the EufyCam to install the camera system.

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