Can You Use a Samsung TV Without the One Connect Box?

Samsung TV with sources openSamsung TV with sources open

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The Samsung One Connect Box is an all-in-one media receiver that helps with cable management. Depending on which Samsung TV you own, you may or may not be able to use it without the One Connect Box.

Using a Samsung TV Without a One Connect Box

HDMI and USB inputs on a Samsung TV

Samsung’s One Connect Box is included with certain Samsung TVs and meant to help with wire management. My TV did not come with one, so I use the back of the TV to manage all inputs.

Instead of connecting all your speakers, streaming players, and other devices to your TV, you can connect them to the One Connect Box, then connect the box to your TV. This is helpful if you are working on hiding all the unsightly cables your TV needs.

You can only get around using your One Connect Box if you bought it as an optional add-on. If you have a Samsung TV that came with a One Connect Box and has no other ports, there’s no way to get around using it.

You connect everything to this box, including the power supply. If you don’t want to use your One Connect Box, the only option is to purchase a new TV that doesn’t include one.

Which Samsung TVs Use One Connect Box?

Samsung started widely using the One Connect Box in 2017. Models that require the One Connect Box include the following:

Model YearSamsung TV Models with a One Connect Box
2023S95C, QN900C, QN800C, QN700C
2022All Neo QLED 8K models, QN900B, QN800B, QN850B, QN95B, QN95BD
2021Samsung Frame TV, QN900A, QN800A, QN850A
2020Q950TS, TU9000, Samsung Frame TV
2019Q90R, Q900R, Samsung Frame TV
2018Q900F, Q9F, Q7C, Q75C, Q7F, Q75F, The Frame TV
2017Q9F, Q8C, Q7C, Q7CD, Q7F, Q7FD, MU9000, MU900D, M8500, MU850D, MU8000, MU800D, The Frame TV

You don’t need a One Connect Box with your Samsung TV if you don’t have any of the above models. If you do have one of these models and want to replace it with one that doesn’t include the One Connect Box, I recommend the following:

Is the One Connect Box Worth It?

The main advantage of Samsung’s One Connect Box is cable management. There are a lot of devices you can connect to a Samsung TV, including:

Wild cables not managed well

Using the One Connect Box means the only cable coming out of the back of your TV will be the one to the media receiver, which is especially helpful if you’re using a wall mount. 

However, One Connect Boxes aren’t the most reliable devices, and replacing them can be a hassle. Certain TV models won’t work at all without a properly functioning One Connect Box. 

Replacement boxes cost upwards of $500, so replacing the TV is usually easier. If you do purchase a Samsung TV with a One Connect Box, be sure to get a lifetime warranty in case it ever stops working. 

Alternatives to the One Connect Box

You don’t want to use the One Connect Box, but you like the idea of cable management. Luckily, the One Connect Box isn’t the only way to hide unsightly cables and keep things organized. 

Use Zip Ties

Having a lot of loose cords behind your TV can get confusing and disorganized quickly. One easy way to keep everything in one spot is by keeping them together with zip ties.

You can organize them by group or keep them all together with a single zip tie. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to cut and replace the zip tie whenever you want to disconnect a cable from your TV.

Get an HDMI Splitter

Almost every device you can connect to your TV today is connected through an HDMI port. Most Samsung TVs include 2-4 HDMI ports, but you can invest in an HDMI splitter to conserve HDMI ports and keep everything tidy.

HDMI splitters work similarly to a One Connect Box. You plug your HDMI cables into the splitter, then plug a single cord into one of your TV’s HDMI ports. 

Just keep in mind that these splitters can affect audio and visual quality, so get the highest-quality splitter you possibly can.

Purchase a Cord Cover

Cord covers allow you to conceal the wires behind your TV — all you have to do is mount the cover over the cables running from the back of your TV. You can even paint them to match the color of your walls!

Run Your Cables Through the Wall

If you don’t mind a bit of a project, you can run your TV’s power cable and HDMI cables through the wall. All you have to do is remove your TV from its wall mount and drill two holes — one behind your TV and one closer to a power outlet. 

This is the best way to hide the cables coming from behind your wall-mounted TV, but it is the most difficult. If you use this method, be sure to use a stud finder to ensure you drill in the right spot.

FAQ: Samsung TV’s One Connect Box

How Can I Tell if the One Connect Box is Bad?

If your One Connect Box is starting to go bad, you’ll likely see an error message on the screen. Once it stops working completely, your TV won’t even turn on.

Other signs that tell you your One Connect Box is on its way out include the TV turning off by itself and problems using devices connected to it.

Can You Remove a One Connect Box from a Samsung TV?

If you purchased your One Connect Box as an add-on and your TV has a separate power outlet, you should be able to remove it from your Samsung TV. Just plug everything that was plugged into the One Connect Box directly into your TV.

If you have issues removing a One Connect Box from your TV, contact Samsung Support. They should be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

What Wall Mount Should I Use for My Samsung TV?

Different Samsung TVs need different VESA-compliant mounts based on their size. Here are the recommended mount sizes for different Samsung TVs.

Samsung TV SizeRecommended Mount Size
23-29”200×100 VESA mount
30-43”200×200 VESA mount
46-75”400×400 VESA mount
75” or larger600×400 VESA mount

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