Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Restarting On Its Own?

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It’s frustrating when you go to turn on your TV and you end up with technical issues, but any problem that involves a cyclical restart is sometimes an indicator of catastrophic hardware failure. In some cases, a cycling restart on your Samsung TV is not a fixable problem. 

If a Samsung TV keeps restarting on its own, it could be a stuck power button or a failing power supply. The problem is usually a hardware defect. If the Samsung TV is still under warranty, this technical issue can be repaired by the company for free. 

There are a few solutions you can try if your Samsung TV keeps restarting on its own. Keep reading to learn what methods you can try to repair your Samsung’s functionality and what you should do if troubleshooting fails. 

What Causes a Samsung TV to Restart on Its Own?

Samsung TVs restarting on their own is a common issue. There are several hardware-related defects that can potentially cause a Samsung TV to restart over and over again. Here are some of the potential reasons a Samsung TV will restart on its own: 

  • Damaged motherboard: A damaged motherboard is one of the most serious hardware failures that can lead to a Samsung TV getting caught in a cyclical restart. Since the cost and inconvenience of replacing a TV motherboard is so great, most TVs with a damaged motherboard are replaced.
  • Damaged capacitors/power supply: A damaged power supply is another serious hardware defect that can cause cyclical restarting in a Samsung TV. A damaged power supply can cost several hundred dollars to repair and will require you to turn your TV in to a repair shop or company department.
  • Damaged flat cable: A flat cable failure inside the TV monitor can lead to a cyclical restarting problem. This is usually a problem that needs to be diagnosed by a TV repair technician since it can sometimes be hard to visibly detect.
  • Overheating CPU: Like computers, smart televisions like Samsung TVs have a central processing unit that handles the digital processing. An overheating CPU will typically need to be replaced.
  • Software glitch: If you don’t have the latest update for the software on your Samsung TV, this could cause the TV to glitch out. 

As you can see from this list, most of the problems that result in a Samsung TV restarting on its own are moderate to serious hardware defects that require the assistance of a technician. 

It’s still a good idea to disconnect and reconnect all wire connections on the TV to ensure that a bad connection isn’t the source of the problem. The problem could potentially be as simple as a loose power cord. It’s important to rule the simplest solutions out first before you send your TV away to be diagnosed by a repair technician.

Can a Samsung TV That Keeps Restarting Be Fixed? 

Whether a Samsung TV that keeps restarting can be fixed depends on the cause of the TV’s restarting problem. If the cause of the TV restarting is a missed software update, this can be corrected easily by uploading new updates through the remote settings. 

However, if the Samsung TV keeps restarting as the result of a major hardware failure, such as failed motherboard or power supply, the question of whether it’s fixable or not is less certain. In some cases, the cost of getting the TV repaired isn’t worth the trouble, and it’s easier to just purchase a new TV. 

If a TV is out of warranty, then the cost of getting the TV repaired may be more than the TV itself is worth. In this case, too, replacing the Samsung TV may be a better option. 

Does a Samsung TV Warranty Cover Restarting Problems? 

Samsung does offer a warranty on its televisions, but there are a few caveats and drawbacks associated with this system. 

For Samsung TV owners outside of the United States, Samsung only covers a limited warranty and will charge TV owners for the cost of repair labor. The repair time can also be longer than usual since the shipping takes longer and international repairs are prioritized under domestic repairs. 

How to Turn In a Samsung TV for Warranty Work

Samsung TV warranties only last for twelve months from the date of purchase, so if you’ve purchased your Samsung TV in the past year and it starts having a restarting issue, it should be covered for repairs through Samsung. 

Samsung’s warranty for their TVs covers normal wear and tear damage from the first year of use and does cover serious hardware defects like power supply or motherboard failures.

Keep track of your receipt for at least twelve months after you buy it, in case you need to return your tv.. You’ll need this paperwork to send your TV for warranty repairs if you run into trouble. 

Samsung TV Restarting Loops Are Usually a Sign of Damage

If you run into an issue with your Samsung TV restarting over and over again on its own, it’s worth checking to see if the TV is experiencing a software glitch before you contact Samsung for repairs. However, the chances are good that if you run into this problem on your Samsung TV, you’re probably dealing with a significant hardware issue.

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