Are Samsung TVs 120 Hz?

Person playing games with xbox remote on computer monitorPerson playing games with xbox remote on computer monitor

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When it comes to internet gaming, you have to be able to keep up with the rapid in-game changes, and a huge part of doing that rests on the refresh rate of your screen. If you’re using your smart TV, this can be a challenge if your device isn’t able to keep up with the latest graphics and audio requirements of the latest the gaming world has to offer! 

Samsung has recently released their newest 4K QLED gaming TVs with a 120 Hz refresh rate as of 2020. This high refresh rate minimizes motion blur, as well as improving video resolution and audio. However, the TV may not be set to 120Hz at the time of purchase and may require you to switch to this setting manually. 

The best refresh rate out there is 120 Hz, and more of the biggest names in the electronics market are manufacturing smart TVs specifically for the world of gaming. But how can we check to see if our TV is capable of 120Hz? Read on to find out how to quickly check your TV before you fire up your console and get to gaming! 

How To Find Your TV’s Refresh Rate 

Your TV user manual should provide you with the refresh rate on your Samsung TV, but if you can’t locate the manual, you have other options.You can find your refresh rate easily using your Samsung TV remote. Follow the instructions provided below to check your refresh rate, and to change it if desired below: 

  1. Select Menu on your remote 
  2. Select Picture
  3. Select Picture Options 
  4. You will find your TV’s refresh rate listed as Auto Motion Plus 120Hz if your TV has this refresh rate. If the number listed is lower, your Samsung TV does not have a 120Hz capability. 
  5. If your Auto Motion Plus has the 120 Hz setting, select OK to turn this option on. 

You can also customize your Samsung TV’s refresh rate using more advanced settings. In the remainder of this article, we will show you how to adjust the settings on your TV for gaming, streaming, and more. Read on to find out how to adjust your TV for the viewing experience you need easily!

How To Check Your Refresh Rate Using Auto Motion Plus

If you have a newer model Samsung TV that advertised a 120 Hz refresh rate, but it doesn’t appear that way, it is likely that the automatic control for your setting is lower than the TV’s top capabilities. You can adjust how your TV uses the 120Hz capability using the Auto Motion Plus feature. This allows you to adjust your refresh rate based on what activity you are using your TV for. 

This setting is found on your TV under the Auto Motion Plus setting. The process for checking your settings and changing them to fully utilize your TV’s 120Hz capabilities is fairly simple and we’ve outlined it for you below: 

  1. Select the Home button on your TV remote
  2. Select Settings using the left arrow key
  3. Using the up and right arrow keys, select Auto Motion Settings 
  4. You will see three settings, Auto, Custom, and Off. To change to 120 Hz, select Custom
  5. You will see three settings to change the resolution settings. Please refer to the specific setting you wish to adjust below: 
  • USe Blur Reduction to adjust image blur 
  • Use Judder Reduction to adjust movement
  • Use LED Clear Motion to turn LED backlighting on or off for high-speed video to sharpen focus. 

Do I Need To Upgrade?

Upgrading your TV to a model with 120 Hz is always your decision and must factor in your expected usage as a consideration. However, it cannot be understated that an upgrade to 120 Hz has many benefits and few drawbacks. If you are already considering the purchase of a new Samsung TV, upgrading to the latest model will likely save you money in the long run. 

If you are an avid gamer, upgrading to a higher refresh rate will improve gameplay dramatically as well as keep you up to date for the latest game consoles coming out like Playstation 5 and Xbox.  


Gamers take their tech seriously, and the equipment we use is often top dollar and top of the line. It is crucial to be able to depend on your device’s specs when you’re in mid-game play, especially if internet gaming is more than a hobby. 

Whether playing for fun or profit, your screen resolution must be both high quality and dependable and 120 Hz is the gold standard. In this article, we have answered our initial question of whether Samsung TVs are 120 Hz, as well as provided exact instructions for achieving the best resolution for your streaming and gaming needs. Long live the game! 

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