What Exactly Is The Game Mode On Samsung TVs?

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Whether you are a professional gamer or simply an excited new owner of a PlayStation, Xbox, or any other gaming console, you will probably end up using the Game Mode on your Samsung TV. But you may be wondering, what exactly does the Game Mode do to your Samsung TV?

The Game Mode on a Samsung TV will allow for a lower lag time when playing any video game, however, it also reduces the picture quality in order to do so. 

Most serious gamers will tell you that Game Mode is a pretty great feature and you will certainly want to use it. Samsung thinks so too; in fact, when you plug in a game console, your television will most likely automatically change to Game Mode. But if you want to know a little more about what Game Mode really does, its pros and cons, and even how to enable it on your Samsung TV, keep reading! We have all the information you need. 

Why is Game Mode Good For Gaming?

Just as its name says, Game Mode has been specifically made for playing video games. You may already be playing in Game Mode without even knowing it, or you may be seriously missing out on this amazing feature Samsung offers. But either way, it’s important to know what this mode actually does to enhance your gaming experience.

Basically, your Samsung TV can do a lot, and it has all the available technology to be able to produce an amazingly clear picture. Although, all these bells and whistles mean that the latency, or lag time, can be a little slower. 

Lag time is the numerical value for the milliseconds it takes for the screen to move to the next picture, and although you probably will not notice if your television has a higher lag time when you are watching a movie, you certainly will when you are playing your favorite video game and the “Game Over” sign pops up before you even had a chance to battle!

Game Mode on Samsung TVs will eliminate, or at least minimize, this lag time so your game will run smoother, faster, and enable you to play like a pro. 

What Are the Downsides to Game Mode on Samsung TVs?

While Game Mode does make your playtime more enjoyable because it cuts down on lag time, it also has a downside. 

By eliminating the extra features that your Samsung has, the picture quality in Game Mode can suffer. This means that the colors may not pop, the blacks will not be as black, and on some televisions, the screen will not be as bright. 

However, most users have reported that the quality is still quite impressive, especially if you have purchased one of Samsung’s more advanced TVs. 

If you are wondering if Game Mode is worth putting on, it’s an easy answer: yes! If you’re unsure, you should at least try Game Mode when using a game console to see the difference in lag time and picture quality. 

But we are confident that you will be pleased with the result and never play another game without Game Mode on again. 

How to Turn on Game Mode on a Samsung TV

Most new Samsung TVs will automatically turn on Game Mode as soon as you plugin and access your gaming console. Although, if for some reason your television does not turn it on right away, it’s very easy to change the settings yourself! Just follow these simple directions:

  • Click the MENU option on your Samsung TV.
  • Navigate to the SETTINGS.
  • Select PICTURE.
  • The option for GAME MODE will appear, from there simply select ON. 

Easy enough right? If these instructions are not working for your TV, your Samsung was probably manufactured before 2015. But don’t worry, Samsung has laid out the instructions for every possible model of their smart TVs here for your convenience. 

Now that you have your Game Mode turned on, you can enjoy gaming with a much faster response rate on your Samsung TV! 


So what exactly is the Game Mode on Samsung TVs? Well, hopefully, you now understand that the Game Mode can be used to play any video game and specifically ensures less lag time.

It is available on every Samsung smart TV, usually automatically connects when you connect a gaming console like a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or any other machine, and even though it does slightly compromise the picture quality, Game Mode is certainly worth using if you want to have the fastest possible response time for your game!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your headphones, plug in your console, switch to Game Mode, and enjoy beating your friends or even the machine with this incredible feature!

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