How to Connect AirPods Max to Xbox in 4 Steps

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Having the right gaming accessories can give you a leg up on other players and make your experience more enjoyable. You know that your Xbox is not Bluetooth-enabled, but you’re wondering if there’s still a way you can use your AirPods Max with the console.  

There are ways to connect your AirPods Max to your Xbox. You just need the right accessories to make it happen. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step process!

How to Connect AirPods Max to Xbox in 4 Steps

Even though AirPods primarily run using Bluetooth, there are still ways to connect them to non-Bluetooth devices, like an Xbox. The process is relatively simple and can be completed in four steps.

Follow these steps to connect your AirPods Max to your Xbox:

  • Purchase a Bluetooth adapter
  • Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your Xbox
  • Connect your AirPods Max to the Bluetooth adapter
  • Adjust the audio settings

Below, we will provide a detailed explanation of each of these steps.

Purchase a Bluetooth Adapter

Because the Xbox does not offer built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll need to use a Bluetooth adapter to pair your AirPods Max to your Xbox. These adapters typically plug into your console or controller’s AUX input, similar to how you would plug in traditional wired headphones. However, other adapters will connect to the console’s USB port. Determine which inputs you have available before choosing your adapter.

Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to Your Xbox

Now that you have your Bluetooth adapter, it’s time to connect it to your Xbox console. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Plug your Bluetooth adapter into the corresponding port on your Xbox.
  • Now, turn on your Xbox and open the Settings screen. Select “Device & Connections,” then “Accessories.”
  • Find the Bluetooth adapter in the list of accessories, then select “Connection Options.”
  • Finally, select “Pair New Device.”

Your Xbox will now begin searching for any Bluetooth devices in range.

Connect Your AirPods Max to the Bluetooth Adapter

Now that your Xbox is searching for in-range Bluetooth devices, it’s time to put your AirPods in pairing mode. To do this, hold the noise control button on your AirPods Max for approximately five seconds. The status light should begin flashing white, indicating that they are now in pairing mode.

Soon, you should see your AirPods appear on the list of available Bluetooth devices. Select them from this list, give them a name, and hit “Done.” Now, you should be able to hear any audio from your Xbox while wearing your wireless headphones.

Adjust the Audio Settings

Now that your AirPods Max are connected to your Xbox, you may want to adjust your console’s audio settings to experience the best sound quality. If so, you’ll first want to go into the Settings menu and select “Devices & Connections.” Then, follow the steps below to adjust your settings to optimal levels:

  • Select “Bluetooth,” then “Advanced.”
  • Under “Other Bluetooth Options,” you’ll see an option for “AirPods Max.” Turn this option on.
  • Return to the Settings menu and choose “Display & Sound,” then “Audio Output.”
  • Under “Audio Output,” you should see an option for “AirPods Max.” Select this, then make sure the settings are set to “Stereo.”
  • If you need to adjust your AirPods’ volume level, you can do so by choosing “Volume Level” and sliding as needed.

After following all of the steps above, you should be able to fully enjoy a private listening experience while gaming on your Xbox.

Connecting Your AirPods to Xbox with a Headphone Jack

If you aren’t very tech-savvy or simply want to avoid a trip to the electronics store to pick up a Bluetooth adapter, there is a way to connect your AirPods Max to your Xbox with a 3.5mm headphone jack. To do this, take the Lightning 3.5mm audio cable that came with your AirPods Max and plug it into the bottom of the left ear cup. Then, plug the other end of the cable into the controller port on your Xbox.

The controller port is located on the top of the Xbox, near the left shoulder button. If you’re not sure which port is which, consult your Xbox’s manual. You can then adjust the volume using the buttons on your controller.

Whichever method you use, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use other features of the AirPods, such as Siri, while they’re connected to your Xbox. Since an Xbox is not an Apple device, any Apple-exclusive features will not be available.


Even though Xbox does not feature Bluetooth capabilities, connecting your AirPods Max to the console is still easy. A Bluetooth adapter will allow the console to detect the AirPods Max’s presence, letting you hear in-game sounds and music.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth adapter, you can choose to listen with the 3.5mm audio cable that came with your AirPods. Whichever method you choose, once you’ve paired your AirPods Max with your Xbox, you’ll be able to use them to listen to any audio you’d like.

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