Will Vizio Soundbar Work With LG TV?

Will Vizio Soundbar Work With LG TV?Will Vizio Soundbar Work With LG TV?

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Do you want to turn your living room or basement into a home theater with a top-notch sound system that only takes up a little space? Well, the Vizio Soundbar does just that! However, before you put in the recliners and order a movie theater popcorn machine, you may want to figure out if this Vizizo system will work with your LG TV. 

Luckily for LG TV owners, the Vizio Soundbar will easily connect to your television and of course, enhance your sound. In fact, the Soundbar connects to almost every available TV on the market, as well as smartphones and tablets.

So what exactly is a Vizio Soundbar? How do you connect it to your LG TV? And in event that the Soundbar isn’t producing audio, how can you fix it? In this article we will address all your questions so that you can decide if the Vizio Soundbar is the right addition for your LG TV, and if it is, how to connect and use it.

How Do I Connect my Vizio Soundbar With my LG TV?

If you have your Vizio Soundbar already and want to set it up and then connect it to your LG TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the right spot. Your Vizio Soundbar will work best 6 inches away from your television and on a flat surface. Place the subwoofer on the floor next to the TV.
  2. Plug it in. The cord provided will attach to the back of the bar as well as into the wall outlet. Then, connect the subwoofer by plugging its cord into the “sub out” space on the Soundbar.
  3. Connect the bar to your television. Using the optical digital cord or HDMI you can easily connect the two. HDMI is the best option as it allows for higher resolution audio to pass through.

    If you do not have an optical digital port on your TV. Vizio has provided other options: you can connect through your HDMI cable, aux, through the red and white analog cords, or through Bluetooth.
  4. Make sure your TV’s own speakers are off. You can find the AUDIO section within the MAIN MENU on your LG television easily to complete this step. A lot of the time, this will happen automatically.

Now, your Soundbar should be set up and ready to rock and roll with your LG TV! 

However, if you are having a problem and cannot get your television audio to play through the speaker, keep reading! We are going to break down what can be done to fix it.

What Does a Vizio Soundbar Do?

Before purchasing yet another technological device, you may want to know exactly what you are getting. The Vizio Soundbar is essentially a surround sound system built into a tiny speaker that is easily connectible to your LG TV. 

It includes a wireless subwoofer for an intense volume and bass that will make you feel as though you are at the movies, at the game, or within the world of your favorite video game.
Because it comes with Bluetooth adaptability, it can seamlessly tether to any of your smart devices. Want to order yours now? It is available on Amazon for purchase!

Why Won’t my Soundbar Connect to my LG TV?

If you attached your LG TV and your Vizio Soundbar through either an HDMI cable, an optical digital cable, white and red analog cables, or your Bluetooth, it should automatically connect.

Although if you are still having trouble, you are not alone. Sometimes the television’s settings are prohibiting the automatic connection. In the next section, we will learn exactly what LG recommends to restore the audio.

My Soundbar and LG TV are Connected, but There’s No Sound

If you have connected your Soundbar with your LG TV, but there’s no sound coming out, you don’t need to return your device!  Your LG TV may or may not have Sound Sync dependent on the model and which year it was made. Luckily, this LG help page has step-by-step instructions for both options to easily repair the situation!


Buying a Vizio Soundbar is an easy way to enhance your LG TV’s sound without a huge sound system. This small speaker really does make a big difference! Even if you are not a tech junkie, the Soundbar set-up is exceedingly straightforward, and almost everyone can get it done without professional assistance. 

If you are an LG TV owner and want to add a little extra excitement to your home theater, the Vizio Soundbar will absolutely work with your television, and usually connect with only one cord! 

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